Saturday, September 05, 2009

Weekend Update

I got my package finished for my hockey swap buddy! Well, I'm actually still waiting on one piece, but I whipped up some things to make up for it yesterday so I could get it over to the post office today anyway. (The final piece will get mailed along once it finally arrives!) Here's a sneak peek:

I also got MY package from my buddy (the lovely MadameX on Ravelry) Wednesday. I think it's pretty obvious how friggin' amazing it is:

Two skeins of a yummy purple mohair/wool blend called Kokopelli, a box of chocolate caramels (I don't ask questions, I just enjoy!), a Chinese jade trinket (for luck), a bunch of handmade Blackhawks-colored stitch markers, a really pretty green notepad, some Villainess body cream and soap (which smells amazing!) and this:

A 121-year-old ghost story from Boston, complete with illustrations! The story is copied out of the May 9, 1888 New York Times and those are all hand-drawn (and mounted) pictures! How cool is that?! I got thoroughly spoiled and have really enjoyed doing the spoiling, as well! (More pics of what I am sending - because I'm pretty proud of the handmade items - will be up after I confirm that spoilee has received it. I don't want to ruin the whole surprise!)

Got a four-day weekend going because of the holiday. I was going to go down to LA, but after the way I reacted to the fire smoke up here, I don't really want to subject myself to that again. So I'm just putzing around the house watching college football instead (Minnesota's getting creamed by Syracuse and sadly, the Ohio State/Navy game is more interesting. I can't get the Purdue game, of course), maybe hanging out with some friends later tonight. I did invite that guy to lunch, but our schedules don't mesh for it (South Base is a bit of a drive from Main Base). We're meeting up after work on Friday instead.

Classes this week were kind of hard - we did a full class of aikido on Wednesday night instead of tkd, which made my elbow seriously cranky with all the joint locks, and then grappling in FIGHT on Thursday. I hate grappling. I understand the importance of it, I really do (being on the ground in a fight is the WORST place to be), but I am seriously not built to work on the ground, other bodies literally on top of me make me uncomfortable (I have a rather large personal space bubble, even though Sir almost always pairs up Ma'am and I for groundwork so we don't have to work with the guys) and it makes me feel like an awkward turtle. Which, of course, is why I need to work on it, but doesn't make me enjoy it any more. At least we got to knife spar both Tuesday AND Thursday this week, though!

Alright, gotta run to the grocery store, get a litter tray for the kitty, and mail off my swap package. Have a good and safe weekend!

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