Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick Explanation

There are a lot of reasons why cell phones are annoying, mostly dealing with when other people are using them or people complaining about how "tied" to them we are. Valid points, of course. But I gotta say, being able to spend three hours watching the game with your parents from 2500 miles away without it adding a cent more to my regular phone bill - that's pretty cool. (I am still disappointed about both Ohio State and Purdue losing VERY close games to Pac-10 teams, though.)

So, the possible new job. (Keep in mind, this is just past the "this is what everyone would LIKE to see happen" stage and nowhere near "this is actually happening" stage. We're more in the "okay, we all agree this is what we want, now how can we make it happen?" stage right now.) I told y'all that I applied for a full-time job with the 216 that happens to include a commission. Well, I got pulled aside on Wednesday by the DO (the director of operations, the unit's second in command) to get told that he'd been looking, and Human Resources would not forward my resume/application to them because they did not feel that I met the qualifications. Fair enough, and pretty much what I was expecting to hear anyway. However, he asked me to check in with him later in the week to "brainstorm some options" because he wasn't sure that the enlisted job I've been planning on going into was really what would be best for me or either of the units.

I didn't get a chance to talk to him on Thursday, but I got a call from Recruiter after work giving me a heads up that the DO REALLY wanted to talk to me again. Sure enough, Friday morning, I had an email from him asking me to drop by his office. What it pretty much boils down to is that no, I am not qualified for the position I had applied for, they can't make me fit into that position, and it would be bad form to steal an enlisted member from one unit to do the same job at another unit at the same base. BUT, they like me, they really feel like I SHOULD be an officer, they know me and have seen me working and learning, and they feel it wouldn't be stealing an enlisted so much as offering someone an advancement opportunity if I could come to the 216 as an officer.

To fix this, they're trying to create a different full-time officer slot for me at the 216th. They've all but talked the commander into it; we're just waiting for his blessing on however they rework the positions, which should be this week. Major (of the field trip post) strongly hinted yesterday that I had better get my application package for commission ready ASAP because "you never know when a slot will open up and you'd really want to be ready if the commander just happens to find one." Recruiter and I started gathering everything up this weekend and are going to finish getting things together this week. I'm a little concerned with my AFOQT scores and would really like to re-take it, but I have to get some more feedback on that first.

So for right now, as far as anyone is officially concerned, I am still enlisted in the 148th and still slotted for Basic in February. And, if this doesn't work out, that won't change, so it's not like I'm losing anything. The 148th had their family picnic day today at drill, and we had a lot of fun. They're good people, with a good mission. But I can't really turn down an opportunity to try for a commission, or a really cool job that puts me directly in lines of view of LOTS of contractors.

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