Monday, August 29, 2005


This weekend was totally crazy. Finished Creation at midnight Friday, came home, was up until 1:30 because of irritating roommates, Saturday was an all-day event for John's show (on the road by 8a.m. - that's a little less than six hours of sleep for me, as I got up at 7 - got home at about 1:30a.m., which, for those who are counting, is indeed a seventeen and a half hour day, of lots of physical labor and stress. We have really got to start loading those shows in the day before. Lighting takes far too long, and is much too important to rush), then got up at 7a.m. Sunday (yes, that is less than five hours of sleep), packed, and made it up to Santa Maria in time for a 2p.m. rehearsal for My Way. After that, I met the poor family who has to put up with me and my wonky schedule for six weeks, unpacked, got some food, talked to Steve for a while, and promptly crashed around 8:30...which is the earliest I've been to bed since I was about seven years old, I think. It was sooo nice to not have to get up early this morning! I lazed around a bit, worked on my mittens, played some games of word yacht on my computer, went LYS hunting (SCORE: there is one a couple streets over from the theater, and it is my favorite one that I have been to so far! Manos, Noro, Cascade, Crystal Palace, lots of books and magazines and patterns, nice cozy layout, the lady was nice, even though she kind of gave me a funny look. Santa Maria is kind of a smaller city, and maybe they aren't used to people my age coming in and drooling...too bad their only classes right now are for crochet. Maybe I'll learn to crochet, too...), met up with Paul and Chrissy to go over some contract/show stuff, found out there are NO SOUND CUES in the show (it's all live band, YIPPEE!!) and lots of light and spot cues, but it shouldn't be too bad now that I have Chrissy's book and a cd of the music. Now I get to go home, put in some fun songs (the show is a Frank Sinatra revue), learn where some cues go, and KNIT! I might get to the hand decreases on the first mitten tonight if I'm ambitious! (And, just because it gave me another yay-moment, some advice I gave about a multidir-diag actually made sense and helped someone on the KR Forums! Woo!)


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Gustad said...

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