Friday, August 26, 2005

Last Day at Creation!!!

As much as I like the Rainy Day scarf, it is getting a bit boring to knit. Of course, it is going much slower than the multi-dir scarf. That one was garter stitch, short rows, and I was working on it over my dinner breaks at the Cathedral. Since I have to go up to Santa Maria for six weeks on Sunday, I've been spending dinner breaks with Steve lately instead of knitting. So I'm getting some work done on it everyday, but not as much.

I have about a half inch more to do on the ribbing for the first mitten. I have the daytime off - John and I loaded the show into the trucks yesterday, so I don't have to work until the Creation show at the Cathedral tonight (last day last day last day! I'm not happy about it, really....). Which is nice, because I have to do laundry and pack for Santa Maria...and hopefully get some knitting and Guild Wars in before I leave! My book for My Way is about as done as it can get until I go up to Santa Maria and Chrissy and I go through a quick paper tech. I'd love to get to the thumb gusset on the mitten today, though...

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