Thursday, June 29, 2006

The evil people out there...

...who hide behind the name "enablers". They're really just evil. I mean, a summer sale at Spunky Eclectic? After my earlier whine about already having too much sock yarn I want to play with all at once?? That's just cruel. And Cara is starting a new Log Cabin Afghan KAL soon. I really really love the look of that particular afghan in the STR, but buying that much would really break my bank. And it seems like it would be a faster knit in, say, a worsted weight. I've considered trying to combine the two enablings and stocking up on Amy's Spunky Sport for the Log Cabin, but would kind of prefer some more solid colours for the afghan. I'll have to think more, unfortunately.

I'm turning the heel of the first Cloverleaf sock already. Yes, tech has been going so smoothly that I can already knit during the runs...for once my professional life is smooth and my personal life is messed up - no wonder I'm so crazed right now! (He did come over last night, though, and will probably set his computer up here again soon and start gradually moving back in - we don't want to totally confuse the cat again!) I've done a few more rows on the hood of Rogue, but not made too much progress on it yet. Teddie disappeared again yesterday and turned up underneath the stove, which freaked me out. Is it safe for him to be under there? What if I use the stove and don't know he's there? Will he be okay? I really don't know. I don't really have a way of blocking him from getting under there right now. We put a roll of wrapping paper in front of it last night, but this morning he figured out that he can bat the roll out of the way. He is apparently madly in love with Steve, but is still upset with him for putting the latches on the cabinets so he can't open them. This morning, though, he started crying when he heard us start getting up and moving around and led us straight to his hidey hole on the other side of the fridge. He came out for some lovin' and then hid in his kitty tree and yelled at me after Steve left for work, but wouldn't come back out. What is it with males??


Bridget said...

I found your blog after running accross a post of yours on knitters review forum. It was on sock yarn and I saw your reference to Spunky Eclectic. I'd never even heard of it! The colors look amazing. I'm kind of a STR adict and I wonder, does the Spunky sock yarn have a similar tight spin?

Amie said...

What is it with males? They're all screwed up. A husband, a stepson, two male cats and a male dog, and seriously, every last one of them, not right in the head.

I wouldn't worry too much about him getting into things - the only concern is getting his collar caught preventing him from getting out, so make sure he's got a cat-collar (those break away, dog collars do not) You might try feeding him or giving him treats on the other side of the room before you start cooking, to coax him out.

Know where he is before you start the washer or dryer (if you have them in home). Before long he'll be following you around all over the place. Also, my experience is the more you talk to cats, the more they'll talk back - which is a good thing if they tend to find hiding places.