Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I went to the studio (I learned a new word the other night, tkd studios are do-jahngs, as opposed to dojos, which are Japanese studios) and was able to catch one of my instructors between classes yesterday. Not the one I normally work with, but the one who did my orientation and started teaching me my form. She was very understanding, and told me that if I didn't feel comfortable testing yet that was okay, and I could test next time around if I wanted. She said that when they have lower belts (white, orange, and yellow) in the class, they cycle through the material for each belt several times, only the form work stays the same. And of course, the form is what I am most comfortable with right now, whereas my 1-steps and self-defense I still have to stop and think about and it usually takes me two or three tries to break the harder board. She suggested coming in for a pickup class to go over everything I'll need for the test, and of course the only time free is this afternoon. Good thing we cancelled the afternoon rehearsal today! If I don't feel comfortable with everything after that, I'll cancel my test slot and test next round. I rarely get nervous or feel unprepared for tests of any kind, a trait that drove my friends nuts in school. I figure I either know the material or I don't, and I'll do my best. I figure my teachers know the material better than I do, since they're teaching it, and if they think it's time for a test, I can at least try it. What's the worst that can happen? I don't get it this time and have to do it again? My real concern is that I haven't done the equivalent of three classes in a week before and my muscles might revolt! I went running yesterday, then thought "Y'know, maybe I should give myself a break this week..." so I only did twenty minutes and most of that was walking (I did a run 2 minutes/walk 5 minutes cycle). I did just over a mile in twenty minutes! I know it's slow for you real runners out there, but I thought it was kind of nice. I try to do at least a mile whenever I go, since I normally have a limited amount of time before I have to be in rehearsal or a show or a meeting or something. Chrissy's a runner, and she'll run for 45 minutes or so and do 4-6 miles, but I get way too bored too quickly for that. Particularly when I don't have my music, like yesterday. She's also been running for a lot longer than I have. I really really want the pool to open again so I can go swimming!

I moved up to the booth last night for rehearsal - ahhh, the freedom! I can knit in total peace, although the LBO (who is a first year tech student and not at all comfortable with lights, he's more of a costume person) was totally shocked that I could watch the show, call the show, comment and take notes on the show, and still have my hands move totally independently. Granted, I can't do it on all shows - it would have been totally impossible during Seussical, for instance - but this one is totally doable. He asked if it was like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time. I don't think it is. It's more like...studying with music on, I guess. One part of your brain registers the music (the knitting) and (at least in my case) tells the hand to tap the pencil (or bob your head or tap your foot or several other tempo-keeping movements that tend to drive other people crazy in the library) in time with the beat, but you don't really notice it because the majority of your focus is on the studying (the show). The knitting is in the background.

Gotta go finish laundry, since I kind of need a clean uniform to wear this afternoon. Stupid heat making everyone sweaty in class. What do they expect us to do, exercise or something? ;-)

Got the new KnitPicks catalog and found some really cute sweaters in the Modern Classics book. I might have to save up some pennies and get that. Still gotta do my Stitches homework, too!

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Brittney said...

Test when your ready too, and don't rush it. I'm in a interesting situation. I'm training at my normal dojang (Mr. C teaches Songham TKD, but we do Taeguek forms because we are not apart of ATA), and at UNL. UNL's program is ATA, so I jumped into the system as a blue belt. Mr. C tests us when we are ready, which means my blue belt from his school took me three years to get. I had to take over a year off for health issues, and I'm just getting ready to test for brown belt. Mr. C feels that its more important to develop ourselves mentally as well as being able to do the techniques. At UNL I'm supposed to test twice for new belts, which means if I pass both of them I'll be a red belt. Thats all in 15 weeks. That, in opinion is way to fast! The red belt will not mean as much to me as my blue belt. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad thing all in all, I'm just used to Mr. C's testing procedures.

Go ahead and add me to your links, when I get a spare moment I'll do the same.