Monday, January 08, 2007


1. I have made some progress on some UFOs but not completed any of them yet. I am to the toe on the first of Mom's sock. I have restarted Tumbling Blocks and am two and a half repeats in (I love this yarn. I may be addicted, which is a bad, bad thing). I trashed the Winter Night afghan. (Yes, that's right. Trashed, not frogged.) I'm about halfway through redoing the first sleeve cap on Rogue. I have two more Chinese symbols and the backstitching to do on the Butterfly Expressions cross-stitch. I'm going to frog the April Fool's Socks completely, and rip Dad's socks back to the start of the heel and adjust the stitch count for a toe-up flap and gusset from there. So, progress has been made, it just doesn't feel like it. I'm hoping to get at least one project finished by the end of this weekend. (Probably Rogue.)

2. I had my second taekwondo class tonight. We did the same basic structure, only instead of self-defense moves, tonight we broke boards. Different levels have different...hmm...skills, I guess to use to break the boards (reusable plastic ones). The hardest one I saw in class was a black belt who did this flying leap kick thing, it was really cool. Mine was a simple elbow strike, but it only took me two tries to break it. I really enjoy that class, and I'm kind of bummed it's only once a week. That's probably a good thing in the beginning, though, as my right hand in particular is pretty torn up from drills, and we did this killer ab/leg thing at the end of class tonight, so I'll probably be all sore again tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can't go again for two weeks, since they are closed next Monday for MLK, Jr. Day, and I have rehearsals the rest of the week. I really hope we somehow get out of rehearsal early enough on Tuesday or Thursday next week! I had a really hot guy only a few belts higher than me as my partner tonight, though, and he was pretty patient and nice to me, so that was nice compensation.

3. We started our summer meeting marathon at work this week. Since we don't have students or interns this week, and we're going to try a new summer schedule this year, they scheduled this week of design meetings for all five shows. I'm sitting in meetings for three of them. I'm only doing two and a half shows this summer (Company, Lifeboat - which I am not thrilled about, but whatever, and the Solvang run of Urinetown), so I'm also assigning myself the task of keeping an eye on the interns on the straight plays, which means having all the information they'll need. Company is also going to be one of the first shows to run in rep, so it will be exciting to see how that plays out, and we have to work closely with the production/design team for the show it is repping with to get them to fit together anyway.

Anyway, my hand really hurts, so I'm going to go sit in a hot shower to ease the sore muscles, then ice my hand and go to sleep. I gotta have energy to sit through all those fun exciting meetings tomorrow. (Mental note to self: DON'T leave the coffee on the counter while rushing out of the house tomorrow morning. It's necessary to surviving the day!)


Amie said...

Sondheim's Company? I did that in high school. I was... uhh... what was her name... the Ladies Who Lunch chick... Joanne?

Anyway, it's an odd little show, certainly not one of his best by any stretch, and I really love Sondheim.

Take care of yourself - break the boards carefully so you can still knit with ease!!!

AR said...

Trashed, as in just threw it out?
taekwondo sounds like fun. Too bad I'm so not athletic!