Monday, January 22, 2007

Ow (not much knitting, sorry, but there is some!)

Once again, loved class. Once again, seem to have done a pretty darn good job of trying to break my wrist and hand. Oh well. Eventually, it'll toughen up, right? Btw, bags of fleece stored in the freezer make nice ice packs while you're looking for the real ice pack. Sir made a point of looking at me when he reminded the class that everyone was invited to Thursday night sparring starting next month. (They currently spar in Friday nights, but the class schedule is changing next month for some reason.) The idea of sparring makes me nervous, because I really don't know anything about it. I'd like to be able to watch a session before doing anything, but I somehow don't think I'd be allowed to show up and not participate. I have a couple weeks still to think about it, though. And that would work out well, as in a couple weeks, I'll be in performance for Barrymore or be between shows again, and should have Thursdays free. There was another white belt there tonight, so it was nice to not be the only one, but I realized that I kind of prefer working with some of the higher belts. They challenge me more and teach me more. When I'm partnered with someone who knows what they are doing, I can watch and learn and feel like I'm learning. When I was partnered with the other white belt, I think we both kind of felt stupid and did some covert watching other pairs trying to figure out what to do until I asked one of the instructors to help us out. We did some new drills tonight and I had a harder time with them for some reason. But, I did move up to a harder board since I blew through the first one, and one of the instructors started getting on me about my stance during my form and making each move crisp and snap. (Yes, Amanda, it totally clicked for me tonight what you meant about the doboks "snapping".) I really love that I'm doing this now. I need to find some drills, to do at home, or do better at remembering the drills we do in class, though.

Okay, on to knitting, what most of you came for anyway. First, thank you all so much for your comments on Rogue. I'm pretty pleased with it myself. Of course, when it's your creation, you can always find fault and do the "If I did it again, I'd change X." But I wore it to work the other day and no one went "Where did you get that hideous thing?", so I guess that's good. Of course, I'm the only woman involved in this show, so the rest of the guys might not figure it out. But anyway, since I finished a sweater, I get to start a new sweater. Gotta keep the categories going, y'know. I swatched (really and truly, swatched! I had to go up a needle size!) and cast on the sleeves for the Short Rows Striped Pullover. I've also done more repeats on Tumbling Blocks and actually worked on the second of Mom's socks. For some reason, though, the socks were REALLY hurting my hands today. I don't know if it's the dry air or what. Those are my three main projects right now. I'm anticipating a lot of sock work in the next few weeks, as we go into tech and performances. Oh, and I have to do my Stitches homework. I hope the final packet comes in the mail soon! And I still have to make hotel reservations for that weekend. Oops!

Teddie is much better - his eyes cleared up after a day or so. He's still a little sneezy, though. I've been feeling better, too, but have been having trouble getting to sleep this week. Don't know why, but I've been lucky to be tired by 3:30a lately. I know I'm a night owl, but that's just ridiculous, and it seriously cuts out your morning free time. Tonight I'm going to take a sleeping pill and try to get to bed at more reasonable hour.


AR said...

Ouch. Poor hand. I'm sure it'll toughen up with more practice.

Amanda said...

Ahhh, starting off your blog with a post about taekwondo. In good form already...

Yeah, tonight I ended up saying (in Korean), "I have a cold. My head hurts." I couldn't think of another way to say "I'm dizzy." At least he understood.

Amie said...

So I'm thinking you could hire someone to claim they wanted to observe before signing up for classes (ya know any actors?)

That person could then smuggle a top secret hidden camera in, tape the sparring session, and report back to you, using whatever spy code excites you.

That would work, right?