Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Show Are We Talking About Again??

Oy, my brain hurts. In the past 24 hours, I have sat through design concept meetings for Company (yes, Amie, Sondheim's Company, which we're doing concert-style) and The Importance of Being Earnest (the two of which will run in rep this summer - talk about style differences!), made up sides for The Man Who Came To Dinner auditions, and am getting ready to go to a meeting with the director for Barrymore and then a general design concept meeting for The Real Thing and Urinetown (also running in rep together). Oh, and I'm getting stuff prepped for the two new interns coming in this semester, so I have to have Outreach stuff and all their handbooks and paperwork ready, as well. I've given up trying to have the proper scripts and notebooks and whatnot for each meeting. I just bring my production calendar and a notebook and pretend that I have the faintest idea what show I'm even supposed to be thinking about right now. It's really a good thing that stage managers don't have much to do with the design process here, other than to make sure everyone is playing nicely together and no one is thinking about doing anything that would potentially kill an actor or crew member. I'm really glad that Chrissy has sort of taken over auditions next week. Granted, it's for my show, so I should be doing them, but some higher-ups who shall remain nameless decided it was a good idea to schedule auditions (for my show) at the same time as Barrymore rehearsal (also my show) and since Chalk Circle doesn't start rehearsals until the next day, Chrissy and the returning interns kind of got stuck with auditions. Which means I get stuck with doing the orientation for the new interns and Outreach. Sigh. It's been a weird week!

I did finish the first of Mom's socks last night, though. They are ever so slightly too short in the foot for me, so they should be fine for her. Of course, I cast on the second sock as soon as I finished the first. It just wouldn't be right otherwise. So a UFO partially FO'd. I guess. I want to finish the cross-stitch tonight and tomorrow, and then work on Rogue this weekend. I've been using Tumbling Blocks as my travelling project instead of socks this week. I tell myself that it's because I knew I was so close to finishing the sock that I wanted to have a needle handy to kitchener it, but it's really because I like petting the cashmere yarn. Ahhh....

My hand continued to hurt yesterday (knitting didn't bother it, though) but is better today. I have a rather pretty bruise on the side of it, though. However, my abs and shoulders, which surprisingly did not bother me at all yesterday, are killing me today. I think they're making up for missed time.

Alright, gotta go find out what the director wants this time!

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