Friday, January 12, 2007

Push Up The Sleeves!

Well, one sleeve anyway. One Rogue sleeve has been successfully lengthened, capped, seamed, and attached to the body! It's probably not the best finishing job ever, but hey, it's the first time I've done it. All I have to do now is one more sleeve and I'll have a finished sweater! Now I'm in the process of unseaming the second sleeve so I can frog the cap and add the rows.

I've also finished the cross-stitching on the Butterfly Expressions and began the backstitching. I did a few more repeats on Tumbling Blocks scarf, too. Maybe I'll get something actually done this weekend. I have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off before the craziness of next week starts.

House just might be my new guilty pleasure. It won't ever out-guilty pleasure Law & Order, but it's still great. I may have to go find Season 1 somewhere and find out how this all got started.

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AR said...

Way to go on your sweater, and your other projects, too. I hope I get some knitting time in this weekend, too.