Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I just got back from my pickup lesson with my regular instructor this afternoon, and we went through everything I would need to do for the test. I was actually pretty comfortable with everything, so I'm not worried about it. He said that they often don't have white belts stay there long, but it will get progressively longer and longer between tests as more and more techniques and forms and such are added, and my forms and 1-steps are solid. We'll see on Friday afternoon, I guess (the pretest date, since I can't make the regular test date, I get to go early! Yikes! Gonna get it over with!). It will actually be kind of nice to only have to do everything through once or twice instead of over and over and over like we do in class!

Alright, off to a meeting, then a quick blocking review with one of my actors, and then I'm going to find some time to write everything down (that ALWAYS helps me remember) and knit until the run through tonight. Yay!

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AR said...

Early can be better. Best of luck! :)