Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Design Ideas

Okay, so I think I've settled on the basic idea for The Sweater, though I don't quite have everything completely worked out yet.

My drawing skills suck, and I don't have the right colors of colored pencils to get what I have in my head on paper quite the right way. The general idea is a fitted tunic-length long sleeve with some waist shaping. As you can see in the pics, I'm having trouble deciding on a neckline. I love funky necklines. The circular one is a scoop neck cowl, and the upper one is a boat neck with an asymmetrical triangular flap. I'm also considering an asymmetrical v-neck with the colorwork as a neckband.

Oh, the colorwork. Right. The current idea is a heathered tan as the main color (not as yellowy as the sketch), with bands of tri-color slip stitch. I used blue and red in the sketch, but haven't settled on that. I was thinking about the colors in the pictures I took on the road yesterday and I think a lighter blue and a light green with the tan might be really pretty, too.

I know, from working on the Striped Afghan a few years ago, that slip stitch generally works out tighter than stockinette, so I will probably have to do that on larger needles to make it look right. I'll have to check that out when I decide on a yarn and swatch. No, I have no idea what yarn I want to use yet. I have several ideas to check out. I want something soft and nice, preferably not perfectly clear stitch definition. I want a little fuzziness to it, but not novelty. Gonna make a run to the LYS tomorrow, get some ideas, I hope. I don't want to completely rely on online for this, I want to KNOW it's the right yarn.

Class last night was awesome. I learned jump crescent kicks and three new self defense moves. (Okay, that was funny, I'm watching The Closer and Brenda's boyfriend just totally sat on her knitting.) There were some different people there tonight that I didn't recognize. One was another orange belt, although he had a horizontal stripe along the center of his. I've seen it on some other people's as well - Red Belt Girl has one, too - but I don't know what it means. Red Belt Girl was there again last night - first time I've seen her since before testing. Cute Green Belt wasn't there, unforunately. Ma'am was sporting a lovely black eye from sparring on Thursday, so we had to tease her, of course. The new orange belt hadn't started learning his form yet, so she worked with him, and Mr. R worked with me and Scared Orange Belt on our form and taught Scared Orange Belt the one-steps I learned Wednesday. I got teased for being concerned that I might be doing more of a side kick than a round house at one point. Mr. R. told me that most people at my level aren't that picky. What can I say? I want to do it right and not half-ass it. Oh, and I got my certificate of rank last night. I'm officially an 8th Grade Orange Belt-R on paper. Woo. No idea what the -R means.

I had the weirdest dream last night. For some reason, Chrissy had to go out of town, and none of her ASMs could take over, so I had to call her show. But she took her book with her, and while I was looking for it, the conductor decided to go ahead and start the show half an hour early, with all of the actors still warming up onstage. The actors thought it was me and got really upset. Normally, if I dream about a show at all, it's my show and it's usually during tech week, so it was super weird that I dreamed about a show I have no connection with.

It's raining again. Gotta love winter/spring on the Coast. I think I'll make cookie bars to ward off the chill.

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