Thursday, February 08, 2007


Stiches homework is done. Now I just have to remember what colors I was planning on using for it (I think I wrote it down somewhere). Eleven out of sixteen increases done on SRSP sleeves. Haven't touched Mom's Socks for a few days after picking up the gusset stitches. Did another couple repeats on Tumbling Blocks, and actually frogged and restarted Stripey Socks (it's hard to work on a heel in a dark booth, so I worked on Stripeys instead). Feeling confident I can get the Project Spectrum goals done.

Worried how I am going to deal with the next month. There are only five more performances for Barrymore, and I'm already going stark raving mad with boredom. Then we close on Sunday, but rehearsals for The Man Who Came To Dinner don't start until March 13th. I realize that once Dinner gets underway, I will be begging for some free time, particularly since I do Company immediately following that, but that's then, and this is now. I was talking to my mom the other night and we both thought it was pretty interesting that my sleeplessness tends to coincide with the level of activity in my life. The more activity and people and issues I come in contact with), the more easily I can sleep. When I'm bored, it's like my brain tries to entertain itself constantly and I can't turn it off. I'm definitely going to at least watch sparring nights during that break. I don't know that I'll be able to participate yet, since usually people don't spar until camo belt, but Sir said I could at least watch and get an idea for what is ahead. I think I'm also going to hit the library and work on my history project during that time. Plus I have the trip to Stitches in a few weeks and probably a trip down to LA to visit the illusionist I work for sometimes. He's got some new tricks to play with show me, and is fun to hang out with, so that should be fun.

I walk/jogged a mile and a half today, then came home and did my white belt form, what I know of the orange belt form, and ten front, side, and front jump kicks with each leg. Now I get to go try not to suffocate in the booth for a few hours (I'm allergic to some dust up there), come back, and be bored again. Grr.

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AR said...

Hope the boredom goes away fast! Just think how bored you'd be if you didn't knit!