Monday, February 05, 2007

Goals for Today (Updated)

If you call them "goals" rather than "chores" they don't sound so bad, right? Besides, not all of them are chores, just things I want to do today.

1. Wash, dry, and fold laundry

2. Clean the kitchen - still have to wash a few undishwasher safe things and sweep

3. Take out all the trash

4. Finish the heel on Mom's Socks. It's been turned, I just need to pick up the gusset stitches and knit it. Stitches have been picked up for the gusset.

5. Do more than one increase on SRSP. I have seven more increases (56 rows) left on the sleeves before working even and doing the caps.

6. Do my Stitches homework

7. Go to the grocery store

8. Vaccuum

9. Bake bread (this one added thanks to Amy, who has now made me hungry for it) I love my breadmaker. 'Nuff said.

Class was soooo crowded and hot tonight. It was crazy. I know everywhere else it is freezing cold, but here it was 75 degrees today. We propped the door open, and it was still so hot inside! I actually got dizzy and it was hard to breathe for a little bit. Everyone is showing up for class as much as possible this week, since the actual testing date is this coming Saturday, so it was much bigger than I've ever seen it. Cute Camo Belt was there, and the brown belt girl who I've become friends with. She's testing for her red on Saturday and was my partner again tonight. Sir worked us really hard tonight - lots of cardio stuff, not so many drills. I learned several things: the first line of my new form (I could have taken more, but Sir, of course, had the majority of his attention on people who were getting ready to test), a back stance, that I have a really hard time switching legs for jump front kicks (my left is stronger and more natural than my right, surprisingly), and what I think is called an advance jump front kick (jumping off both feet and doing a front kick in the air).

Still working on the increases for SRSP. Think I might go to bed early - I ended up having to take some allergy meds after class and it's finally kicking in and knocking me out.


AR said...

You've been busy! I haven't gotten a thing done.
You really make your classes sound like fun! Even if it is hard work. LOL

Warrior Knitter said...

Good luck with your test!

Warrior Knitter said...

Oops! This is what I get when I don't start from the last post I read but start at the top & read down.

Congrats! on your orange belt!!