Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stitches 'n Stuffs

Ack! It's time for Stitches already? How can this be?? It's not possible, I tell ya, not! Okay, so it is. I have my homework done. All I really have to do is pack and clean the apartment up a little and a few errands.

1. Pack clothes, project, supplies, and camera for the weekend
2. Print out directions and confirmations for the Convention Center and the hotel
3. Charge the battery for the camera
4. Pick up the living room and vaccuum
5. Fold laundry and vaccuum bedroom
6. Sweep kitchen and bathroom
7. Get some cash for the weekend

I can't wait! I've never done anything like this before! Well, I mean, I've done conventions before, but they were always Church Youth Group type things, nothing ever for a hobby! I am going to try to get up to Santa Clara by lunchtime tomorrow, but as long as I get up there before about 4:00p I'll be happy. I'm not exactly known for leaving on time for trips. In fact, it's usually guaranteed that I will get a late start if left up to my own devices. But there is a KR meetup at HoJo's booths at lunchtime, and that would be cool to be at. My main concern is I have two morning classes that start at either 8:00 or 8:30a. I know, most of you think that's a reasonable time of day to start something. I'm lucky if I'm conscious at that time of day. So that will be a challenge, and all I can say is that there had better be coffee available somewhere!

In other news, two packages arrived this week. The first was my new White 1740 Quilter's Machine sewing machine. I did some research and it's gotten good reviews for what I need and it was in my price range. It's very fun, but is bigger than my little $20 thing, so I'm going to have to do some rearranging of furniture and things so it will be able to live on my desk. The second was from Amazon, and contained the first two J.D. Robb books (I'd originally borrowed them from a friend), a Dilbert collection (I have a thing for Dilbert books before bed, don't ask), and Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. So that was fun. My KnitPicks box has not arrived from its trek to my parents house yet, and I am almost to the end of the skeins I have for the SRSP sleeves, so I hope it gets here soon!

I was able to make it to class last night, which was nice. It was crowded since it looked like we had most of the Monday night crowd there as well as the regular Wednesday nighters. Sir told us at the beginning of class that Mrs. S was at the "the baby could come at any minute" stage, so if the phone rang, he was leaving. It didn't, but Sir was understandably less focused than usual last night =) We did a lot of kicking drills again last night. I wonder if this is kicking drill unit or something. I like it, but it's a little intimidating. We did the jumping side kicks again. I think I did a lot better with them this week. They felt better, anyway. Mr. R (it's Mr. R, I found out, not Mr. H. I had two guys and their last names confused) helped me with my form and taught me my new one-steps, since Ma'am wasn't there. I wasn't the only Monday nighter having trouble with my new form, though - like Cute Green Belt said, since we didn't have class Monday, it had been ten days since any of us had gotten to work on them in class! (My new form follows a rectangle pattern, and the way my furniture is currently arranged in my living room I don't have room to work on it at home. I'm hoping that as part of the rearranging for the sewing machine, I can gain some space for formwork, too!) It was fun as always, though, and I'm going to go watch sparring again tonight. I'm a little confused about the no contact/light contact/full contact thing, and the scoring. I'm going to bring a notebook tonight so I can write my questions down as I think of them.

Alright, going to hit the gym before going to the studio. Afterwards, I might splurge on dinner and go to the Olive Garden and flirt with cute bartender if he's there. Maybe.


Amanda said...

Here's a website that define no/light vs. full:

I tend to have my own definitions based on what we do in the studio, since I don't compete.

To me, no contact is sparring without touch. You tend to stay farther away from each other and if you get in closer, you stop your kicks/punches before hitting the body. No protective gear. EXTREME care is used when aiming for the head, if you're even allowed to do so.

Light contact is sparring with gentle touch. You pull back as soon as you connect, instead of going through the target. Sparring tends to be closer. Shin and forearm guards are used, torso and head guards aren't. Again, EXTREME care around the head.

Full contact is closer, you go through the target, and you wear shin, forearm, torso, and head guards (and moreso in my American studio than here, guards on your hands and feet, too). Still careful around the head, though.

Those are the ways I think about them.

Hope you enjoyed watching!

AR said...

Have a blast at Stitches!!

Coleen said...

Have a great time at Stitches! I'm so jealous!

Kathleen C. said...

Have a wonderful time at Stitches! Tell us all about it when you get back. I'm going to live vicariously through you...

By the way... the KnitPicks Shimmer is knitting up into a beeyoooutiful swallowtail...