Monday, February 19, 2007

Stupid Holiday

The problem with government holidays? They happen on Mondays. The only day SOME of us have off during the week. So not only is it nothing special for us, but you can't run your weekly errands because everyone else in the world is enjoying their third day off in a row. Yes, I do know this is a broad generalization and no, I don't want to hear any rationality right now. The studio was closed today - no class. Grr. And I didn't realize this until about half an hour before the gym closed, too, so I couldn't even go running or swimming. Double Grr.

Stupid holiday.

On the plus side, we bridal showered one of our interns today. She's taking this semester off to finish planning the wedding and get married and enjoy a nice honeymoon. We're all very happy for her, of course, but I'm particularly excited to see the pictures (the wedding is in another state). She's just finished making her veils. Yes, she MADE and beaded her own wedding veils (she's a crocheter, the one I started teaching to knit the end of last semester). Two of them, a long one for the ceremony and a shorter one for the reception. How cool is that?!

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AR said...

Fridays would be good. Then it would still be a three day weekend. :)