Saturday, February 03, 2007

Project Spectrum

While I've never really gotten into the whole Project Spectrum thing, I do think it's interesting to really think about the colors that are around you and what they mean to you and why. Now I'm wondering how I can make my list of projects fit it. Rather than concentrating on only working on them during the specific months, I think I'm going to try to get them finished in the time frame of the specific months. I think this is how it will break down:

February/March (blue, white, gray):
Short Row Striped Pullover finished 4/17/07
Mom's Socks finished 2/15/07
Stripey Socks frogged

April/May (green, yellow, pink):
Green Gables Socks
Mitered Square Baby Blanket
Tumbling Blocks

June/July (red, black, metallics):
Tori's Socks

August/September (brown, orange, purple):
Dad's Socks (Dad's birthday is in August anyway)

So that gives me a plan for when I want to finish things. That's kind of nice.

And, completely out of PS order, I now have a bright orange belt. (AR, you should appreciate that!) The test was pretty easy and I didn't make any mistakes. It was just me testing for my belt and two Tiny Tigers (kids 4-9) doing midterm tests for their second dan black belt, so it went really quickly. I was mostly worried about my board break, actually, since I had seriously bruised up my elbow and forearm with a mishit Wednesday during pickup, and knew that if I did the same thing again it would REALLY hurt, but it went fine and I broke it first try. Now, come Monday, I'll have a new form, new 1-steps, and new self defense moves to learn! Yay! And, I don't have to double wrap my belt anymore - at least not until black belt which is WAYY far in the future! Double yay!

I was going to post this last night, but we opened Barrymore last night as well. While I'm not a heavy drinker anyway, when you barely eat anything all day, what you did eat was burned off by a physical test, and then drink two rather heavy handed cocktails (a vanilla lemonade and a blue hawaiian), you end up very sleepy and more than a little drunk rather quickly. Gotta love that bartender. The show is good, really short, and I'm working on the heel flap for the second of Mom's socks because of it.


AR said...

Yay! Congrats on your orange belt. I'd want to stay there, no not really. LOL.

Amanda said...

I miss double wrapping. The belts here and too short!!