Thursday, June 28, 2007

In 15+ Hours... can do a lot. (All sans caffeine!)
-A three hour understudy rehearal (from memory, as my production book got left in Solvang last night because of the performance)
-A four hour regular rehearsal of another show
-A performance
-Call 20 people and arrange alternate transportation to said performance for them (during the rehearsal)
-Do all paperwork for said rehearsals and performances
-Meet another knit blogger (Hi Kim! Who has really cute little cards, btw!)
-Schedule a trip to LA for Monday (really going this time)
-Do a dozen or so rows on the HP vest (okay, so that was during the show, multitasking is an art!)

Now I'm going to take a long hot shower, make m'self a mug of tea, and crash. Tomorrow should be lighter...just a meeting in the morning, publicity photos and dialect work in the afternoon, and....sparring tomorrow night. Probably going to go straight to the studio from rehearsal. Still nervous!

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Kim said...

The show was great! Sorry for bugging you while you were "at work" but I was glad to just say a quick "hi". You're the second knitblogger I've managed to meet in could say my personal goal is to "collect them all!" but realistically, meeting any of you/them is great.

Oh, and you can get MOO cards at They have really fast shipping from the UK! I talk about them more on my blog here:
And you can now buy MOO card cases on Etsy!