Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Useful Sweaters and A Short Rant

SRSP: perfect for Solvang tonight. There might just be a use for wool sweaters here yet!

I've turned the STR into the start of a diagonal rib scarf, rather than socks of any kind. So far it is working out much better. I also dug up a UFO - another multidirectional diagonal scarf (yes, I like working on the bias, apparently) in Patons SWS. It was perfect for the bus to Solvang this afternoon. (I slept on the way back!) I'm actually pretty close to finishing the second Green Gables sock, but I just can't bring myself to work on it right now. Someone inspire me, quick!

One more tech/dress for Company, then we preview and open. These 12 hour days are killing me. And I think I have one of the lighter schedules out of the immediate design/production team right now. The LD and I are both already starting to come down with colds. Then Tuesday I go back into rehearsal for Lifeboat, a remount of a children's show we did as an Outreach tour over the school year. Lifeboat, a 2-person remount, gets 20 DAYS of rehearsal. Even if we only did four hour blocks, that's already TWICE what we got for Company. And we have several eight hour days scheduled. It comes out to something like 105 hours of rehearsal before we go into tech. And when I casually asked if we were planning on using all the rehearsal slots, the director is concerned it won't be enough! It's a REMOUNT! With TWO cast members! And it *might* be 70 minutes long! We just did a full two and a half hour Sondheim musical (I keep mentioning that because Sondheim's music is notoriously difficult), from scratch, in what will end up being just over 50 hours, including tech and dress. I'm thinking this director seriously needs to work on some time management skills if he's concerned what he's been given won't be enough! And I'll be getting less than an hour dinner break on double rehearsal days, and less than half an hour on Company performance days. I'm particularly irked because it means I won't be able to go to sparring for at least the next two weeks. Grr!

Started learning the first half of the new form (Songahm 4) last night. I like it so far, although the twin inner forearm blocks throw me off. I need to start going back through forms I've previously learned, too. A brand new white belt asked me a question about Songahm 1 and I totally blanked. Sir also asked me to start reviewing the different kinds of kicks to start being able to do them on command, and gave me some more footwork drills for sparring. I hope that will keep me busy since I'm back in the "I can only go once a week" schedule for the next few weeks, and the wonderful rehearsal schedule mentioned above prevents me from hitting the gym, unless I want to give up sleep. I can still snag a rehearsal room during dinner, though.

Oh, and it's not so weird to work with Steve again. In fact, it doesn't bother me at all. Which is really nice!

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