Monday, June 04, 2007

I'll Drink To That!

We ran through Company for the first time tonight. The whole show. Up on its feet in less than 48 hours of rehearsal. Yes, that would be, for those of you keeping score, an entire Sondheim musical blocked and ready to tech in six days. My director, musical director, SM team, and (most important) cast ROCKS! Now they have a whole week to forget everything and start learning a new show before we go into tech. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm dead tired, and I didn't even have to sing or learn movements!

Tomorrow (today? I guess it's technically Monday) is dedicated to cleaning the apartment and going to class. Yay, class! Once I get the place CLEAN, really clean, I'll pick up the knitting again. I have to spend time in the office this week, but I'll have some extra time until we start tech. I'm trying to find an excuse to go down to LA where it's warm. Anyone want to hit Disneyland next week?

I might get my hair chopped off, too. We'll see.

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