Monday, June 25, 2007

LOL...okay, a few random thoughts:

1. No, John is not a romantic interest (a question from six people). He's my boss. Specifically, he's the illusionist I work for in LA. A genre of performance requiring a lot of trust in your crew, not just on the expecting them to do their jobs precisely, but trusting them to not only care for and about the show and equipment, but keep the magic safe, as well. So I took it the way it was meant - as a compliment and very appropriate reminder of the secrets we keep. (Ooo, doesn't that sound mysterious?) I love working for him, and he's a friend, but it's a professional relationship. Besides, I barely have time for me and Teddie right now, much less a guy. (Which is a bit unfortunate, but true.)

(#2 after the cut - tkd related)
2. I'm becoming more and more certain that the camo belt in general is all about the kicks. My legs and butt are quite certain of it already. There are front kicks, jump front kicks, round kicks, side kicks, and reverse side kicks in the form alone, and they're starting to come in combination, which is both really cool and really hard. Mr. R started teaching me the first sparring segment tonight, too, which includes a #4 front kick, a side kick, and another reverse side kick. Hello, welcome to "the way of the hand AND foot," I guess!

I really want to find some drills or stretches or something to help develop leg flexibility, especially for side kicks. I think my front kicks and round kicks are getting better (Mr. R makes a point of holding the targets higher and higher for me during stretch kicks during warmups, and I was rather surprised that I actually still hit it today), but my side kicks are so pitifully low. I love watching Sir and Mr. R do kicks. The motions are so clean, and they can keep their legs straight so high.

Again, though, this once a week thing is taking its toll. I've been trying to work on my form when I can, but I am having the hardest time finding the rhythm and fluidity to it. I'm hoping to get some formwork time after sparring Thursday, assuming I'm still alive and able to move. Yes, I'm still nervous about it. I keep wondering what it's going to be like. How much contact is "light contact"? I really hope Sir or Ma'am or Mr. R is my first partner. They won't make me feel like I'm wasting their time by having to teach me. Although I'm always impressed and grateful to the other students who help me out and don't let me feel too stupid, they are also there to learn and practice and I don't like taking up their time in class, too. Friday's Practice in the Park is also sparring this week, and I might be able to get to that, depending on how this week's rehearsal schedule works out. (Don't get me started - basically it's fallen on me to beg other resident directors for their time to work on our show this week, while our director is gone, which not only do I find irritating, but also presumptious.) Of course, the studio is closed next week for the Fourth.

3. I finally have my WIPs and FOs organized in Ravelry. The lace and sock yarn stash is in there now, too. Now I'm slowly turning my focus to the other aspects of the site: the lists of patterns, yarns, other people's projects, etc. It's really interesting. There are people with literally HUNDREDS of projects on there. Crazy. I don't like the forums as much as I like the KR ones, though. Maybe in time. I'm also thinking I really need to get my hands on Fitted Knits - some of the projects I've seen from it are so cute!

4. Not only am I still unsuccessful in figuring out triangles for the baby blanket, but now the shower is probably going to be moved to July instead of August. Argh. I was really hoping to post an "I'm A Friggin' Genius" pic today, but alas, I have failed so far. I have a few more ideas to try.

5. I really want to finish something soon. I have an idea for the cotton, and I want to try it, but if I put anything down now, I won't pick it back up again for a while. HP vest is going well. Multidirdiag is almost to the end of its second skein, but I will have to get a third, it's not close to long enough. I'm thinking of making a matching hat and some fingerless gloves, as well.

I think that's about it. Typical Monday - not nearly long enough to get everything done I wanted to. Teddie keeps trying to sit on the keyboard. Maybe he's trying to post something, too! (If anything weird pops up in the next few days, blame the cat!)


AR said...

Hah, I wonder what he'd post.

Mondays are like that, huh? I didn't even get to post or read blogs!

Kadiddly said...
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Kim said...

I keep reminding myself that a lot of those people on Ravelry with lots of projects are recording projects they've finished in the past - it's not all WIPs! That would drive me batty. I try not to bug them with feature requests, but what I'd like to see is the people with the highest number of WIPs, not all projects!