Saturday, June 30, 2007

Minor Setbacks and Minor Victories

Okay, so the plan for today was to get up early enough (I really wanted to be up before 10:00a) to download the first clue for MS3, go to the office to print it out (my printer is out of ink and I've been too poor to get a new cartridge), come home and work on it until rehearsal this afternoon, then work on the HP vest during the bus rides and performance this evening. (Is it bad when you consider a ten hour work day a short, easy day?) I even went to bed early last night - I was in bed by 1:15 and out before 2:00a and slept all night - and still had trouble dragging myself out of bed at 11:30a. Sigh. What is with this? I just want to feel like I've gotten SOME rest in there somewhere, geez! (Okay, so my leg, forearm, and shoulders - my shoulders? why my shoulders??? - would like to point out that they are still stiff and sore and would like to voice their votes for more rest, which I will give them in a few minutes. Muscle fatigue and damage not withstanding.)

Anyway, I did download the clue, and really enjoy it. It's on the bias, people! How could this not be totally up my alley! Especially when I was really starting to worry that it was going to have a provisional CO of a billion stitches (in my head), and I really am terrible doing provisional COs. I'm using the transparent blue beads, which look really nice in natural light with the yarn. I've only done a few rows so far, though, since I ended up not getting to work on it until the bus ride to Solvang. Beads, lace, and buses don't really mix well, let me tell you, but at least I didn't drop anything. I have a standing rule about not working on lace projects after 10:00p (somehow I wake up the next day and find more mistakes than correct stitches, it seems, not like I'm ever home before 10:00p anyway), so I will have to pick it back up and hopefully finish chart A tomorrow. I'd really like to do Chart B on Sunday, before I go down to LA on Monday. I also have quite a few evenings free this week - morning and afternoon rehearsals, no performances, and no class - so I think I'll be in good shape to get the first clue done before the next one comes out. A hint to everyone working on it, though, print out the charts in greyscale, if you can't do color. I did mine in regular old black and white, and can't read the center line for anything.

I'm on row 53 of the 74 body rows of the HP vest. It's PERFECT show knitting - rows and rows of stockinette in the round, and heavy enough weight yarn that I don't ever have to look at it.

I'm thinking of the Keyhole Top from Spring 2007 Interweave Knits for the cotton. What do you all think?

And, btw, I'm A Friggin' Genius.

Pics when I can get 'em...tomorrow hopefully.

Oh, and June 26th marked Teddie and I's official first anniversary. The spoiled brat =)

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AR said...

Aww. Happy Anniversary. Hehe

I nominated you for something at my blog. Come see.

p.s. I haven't had ink in soooooo long! I hate being poor. LOL =)