Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Completed Checklist

1.) Went up to AG this morning and met Inky and Christina and a few other ladies (I'm sorry, I'm terrible with names!) It was lots of fun, although I think Inky is right - MS3 is not the easiest project to work on while chatting. Will have to bring something a bit simpler next week! (And get up earlier!)

2.) Went further up to SLO for the baby shower this afternoon. The blanket went over like a hot air balloon. Val told me afterwards that she was really hoping that I was going to make her something - because everyone knows she knits, no one thinks to knit for her! It was a pleasure, though, and the first time I've really tried to figure something knitterly out on my own, so it was a challenge, too. I'm so happy she likes it!

3.) Had a bit of a sad phone call with Mom after getting home from the shower, though. One of my dad's best friends and mentors was shot in the line of duty a few weeks ago and passed away earlier this week. The funeral, apparently, was yesterday. I don't know if any of you know much about police funerals (thankfully, I've never been to one, but unfortunately, I've kinda had to grow up knowing about them), but there is a lot of symbolism and formality to them. Just Mom's description of it had me in tears, and I honestly barely knew the man. It seems like it was a very fitting tribute, though, and please send comforting thoughts to my family. (My parents had a wedding and a funeral this weekend - Mom says they're definitely crashing this week!)

4.) All that right before I have to walk in and change for class, and there were a ton of people there tonight. Luckily, it looked like there wasn't anyone in the kids' class before ours, so we got some extra warmup time on the mat, and that helped me calm down and focus. I bowed the class in and out again tonight, which was fun. Sir also taught me the second and third sparring segments for my next belt. (I've been the only one in my belt block this circuit, which is a bit weird.) Crescent kicks! I get so frustrated, because Sir would show me the kick, I would imitate it, and mine look horrible next to his. I have to remember that Sir has been doing this since he was seven (according to C), and he is older than I am (although I don't think by too much). He's had just a bit more practice ;) Patience, grasshopper! I should be able to go Wednesday and Thursday this week, which will be nice. I hope we do our board breaks again on Wednesday. We usually do them on Wednesdays, which means I've only been able to do mine once so far, and I'd really like to practice it more.

Oh, and I finished the front of the HP vest last night and grafted the shoulder seams this evening. Someday when my brain stops being tired, I'll be able to pick up the correct number of stitches and do the neck and cuffs. Or maybe even figure out where I lost a stitch on the MS3. Until then, though, I'll just finish the ribbing on the second Green Gables sock.


Kim said...

Wow, busy week! I hope the rest is more calm and peaceful.

Karen W said...

Glad to hear you are coming back to the Monday group. Hope you find the missing stitch in MS3 and see you Monday! (I sat next to you, knitting the shadow knit sweater...)

AR said...

Isn't it great when people love what you made for them?