Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happiness is...

1. Three open shows in the space of four weeks.
2. A department that gets along pretty darn well and doesn't want to kill each other.

We have a running joke that we cannot get our pictures taken together without drinks in hand. At least half the people in the picture must have a glass. It's a tradition we try to uphold and maintain with honor. Or at least, humor. =)

3. A new haircut
4. A great dress
5. A drink in the hand.
Happy Opening! Company and Earnest didn't get Opening parties this year, so we combined them all and celebrated with Kate's opening last night. Traditionally, we go to Olive Garden and flirt with bartenders for breadsticks, but this year Olive Garden finally had had enough of us, I guess. (Actually, something about the chain won't let people enter the restaurant after a certain time at night, even if the place is being rented, and that would mean our Solvang folk couldn't come. I don't really know the details.) We went to Roadhouse Grill instead, and I think we scared the bejeezus out of them. One bartender confessed as I was closing out that they'd been told only 40 or so people, in two waves (one from the Marian show, one from Solvang a bit later). I don't know who told them that, but the ENTIRE COMPANY turns out for these things, and we're a bit more than 40 people (more like 140). They only had two bartenders and ran out of stuff very quickly. They'll learn.

A better pic of my outfit, although you can't really see the haircut:
It's kind of that reverse-bob cut, I guess. It's layered and longer around the face, and then is in short short layers in the back. I love it, although the idea of styling the front more forward and not pushing it behind my ears is taking some getting used to. I can still pull the sides back a bit for class, or wear a headband, which is all I really need. I'll try to get AF Guy to get a pic when he comes down today. I also got my eyebrows done yesterday. It was fine, the stylist I had was very gentle, but apparently either my skin doesn't like the wax or the wax was a tad too hot. I have some definite irritation on the upper part of my eyelid and it hurts to touch. Of couse, I sucked it up to put makeup on last night, and to clean it off when I got home, but it still hurts. I think it might be a burn, actually. Ugh. (I have to give a lot of credit to Clinique's concealer, though!)

On the knitting front, my KnitPicks order still hasn't come in yet, so I've been switching cables between MS 3 and Miter Squares (my other 24" cable is on the multidirdiag and I just haven't gotten around to putting that on waste yarn, whereas MS3 got put on waste yarn to block). I have to finish a triangle on the blanket, and then I might start Clue 2 before AF Guy gets here. Assuming I get the place cleaned up, first.

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