Monday, July 09, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

So, my KnitPicks order came today. I ordered 2 skeins of Felici in Aurora, a 2.75mm circ, a 40" cable, a 32" cable, and a 24" cable. That's all I ordered, and all I paid for. So...notice something..weird in this pic?
Like, the really random set of US 4 Clover bamboo dpns? Yeah, no idea where they came from or why they were in my package. I rarely even use dpns, much less bamboo ones. I guess it was my present for the day! Unfortunately, that's one of two sets of bamboo dpns I actually already own! What are the odds?

Btw, the Felici? Extremely soft and pretty! Can't wait to work with it! I think I might do some fingerless gloves with it for Solvang. No, I haven't started knitting with it yet. I'm being good. The reason the one is balled is because...umm...because it had started vomiting during shipping and I didn't want it to get tangled. Right. Okay, so it is soft and squishy and I wanted to play with the yarn but am not quite ready to knit with it.

I also picked up two more skeins of...never mind. I didn't. I went to Michaels with the intention of getting two more skeins of SWS to finish the multidir and just realized that I only came home with a crochet hook and a couple skeins of Homespun for a *duck* crochet project I'm toying with. You know how I love modular afghans. Anyway, I guess I'll have to go back to Michaels tomorrow. Oops! (They're also having a sale on these adorable latch boxes, and if I actually participate in an upcoming swap I'm thinking about, my pal might get one. If I give it up...)

Tickets for the midnight showing of Harry Potter are totally sold out. They might open up another theater, but they won't know until tomorrow. Yes, that means I'm going back tomorrow to check. If not, I have a ticket for the 1:00p showing on Wednesday. ETA: They opened up another screen and I was able to get a ticket and return my original one. At least two of my interns are also going tonight. Should be fun! People were already starting to line up at 3:30p!

My round kicks are apparently better than I thought. My new board break is a right round kick, and I broke it first try. I thought I'd just barely hit it, too. Definitely going to get a harder board next time. Kicking breaks are a little scary. Other than that, it was sooo good to be back in class tonight!

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