Thursday, July 12, 2007


Got Clue #2 done:

You can see the line from the end of the first clue. It's all going to get reblocked at the end anyway. Gotta get more lace-sized blocking wires, though. I only have two right now! Anyway, I like this method of lace knitting. I can feel like I've accomplished something when I finish a clue. The next will come out tomorrow, but the clock has started ticking for the Miter Squares Baby Blanket. We had to move the shower up so we could cover two people instead of one, and the deadline is now July 23rd. I felt a bit awkward, since I didn't make anything for the other couple - I don't know them that well outside of work, and I know the Miter Square recipient is a knitter - but they have asked for mostly gift cards and things like that, as they are in the process of moving. Whew!

This is the box the KnitPicks stuff came in the other day.
You can see how it has been totally taken over by a thoroughly content kitty. This is what the box looks like now:
after thoroughly content kitty forgot he was sleeping in a box, tried to stretch, and promptly gave himself a heart attack when the box tore apart. I've never seen a cat jump straight into the air, do a complete 180, and land two feet away, back arched and hissing at the box. I thought it was hysterical. He didn't. Now he's pouting:

(Okay, so I'm the last person in the world to discover lolcats!)

Had sparring class tonight - seven black belts, one colored belt *ahem*. It was tough, but I only cracked shins with Ma'am twice. I cracked ankles with someone and have a nice bruise there, but other than that, I seem to have escaped unscathed tonight. I even scored a point in King of the Mat, which is when a pair spars to the first point, then the next person in line spars the winner, etc. Of course, I was out the next round, to the person who eventually won, but whatever, it was fun =) Mr. R taught this evening, and Sir just watched. He told me that I looked really good on the mat tonight, but considering that it's only my second class and I was hugely out-ranked and out-experienced, I think "slightly better than last time" is my goal. I know they are looking for me to do more reverse kicks and spin kicks, but I am so scared of those in a sparring situation for some reason. I have to get over that. Tomorrow's class is self-defense in the park. I'll actually be able to make it!

Now, off to the shower, then to curl up on the couch with Miter Square and Burn Notice. USA has to be my favorite station for original series!


Kim said...

Your MS3 is looking great! I'm still working slowly on clue 2. Or rather, not working, since mostly what I do is wish I had time to knit!

Little Cricket said...

Not sure what you mean by a reverse kick, but I started out doing mainly roundhouse and front kick, then incorporated side kicks and finally back kicks. But yeah, I don't use spinning kicks during sparring either. Its better to get good at the basics first in any case.


Kit said...

1. Your description of your cat freak-out had me rolling. Awesome description!

2. I took Tae Kwon Do for a while. Don't worry, practice makes perfect. :D

Brittney said...

I noticed that when I was training at UNL they emphasized a lot of spin kicks. Unforutnately the tendancy wore off on me, and now I do a lot of spining crescent kicks.

Reverse kicks take a little practice, but they come in handy. I scored a point the other day while sparing with a reverse side kick to Mr. M's ribs. :-)

I think the biggest thing when it comes to spinning, jump and reverse kicks is control. Once you are confident that you can control the kicks, you'll use them. It only takes time and practice.