Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lazy Bum

Okay, so, um, this isn't row 54 or whatever of the HP vest.
I kind of, um, realized I obviously didn't know how to join new yarn in the round (I really do, I just...didn't for some reason) and had a major hole that I could not get rid of. So I frogged back, fixed it, and am reknitting back up. It's all good, now that I have this:
finished. This is the first clue for the Mystery Stole 3. (Remember, the KAL closes July 6th - that's Friday!) Pay no attention to the crappy blocking job - I just wanted to pin it out enough to see the pattern, and my 24" circs aren't long enough to block it on. I'm really liking the beads, actually. In real light, they are pretty subtle (the yarn is much darker than the flash picks up), and they don't really take that long to add as you work. And can I say that, while yes, lace is a pain in the butt - you can't really watch anything while you're working on it - the border is pretty darn cool.

Anyway, the next clue will come out on Friday. I have tomorrow afternoon and evening off, so I'm planning on working more on Mitered Squares until the next clue is available. Why? Because I'm a Friggin' Genius, of course:
I was working on the multidirdiag scarf (I still need to pick up the next skein or two to finish that with) and it hit me. Triangles. Attached to what you worked before. DUH! This will probably not make much sense right now, but, these are short row triangles, started from the right corner and worked towards the left until all the rows of the right side miter square edge are worked. Then the final row is grafted to the row of picked up stitches on the left side miter square edge. Clear as mud? If someone is really curious, I'll try to explain in more depth with pics.

LA was awesome Monday, btw. It's actually HOT there, not this "maybe it will hit 70 degrees and we'll call it summer since it's not raining" craziness. Worked through the August show with John, played with some new toys (SO cool!), got lunch & ice cream. Good times. I really need to get a full-time job down there. I know, the grass is always greener - when I lived down there with Steve, I couldn't wait to get the steady job up here. Now that I live here alone, I can't wait to get a steady job back down there! I wouldn't mind freelancing again, but I just don't have the connections to afford living on my own, and the main reason I wanted the steady job was so I wouldn't need roommates. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open, though. Oh, and Jersey Boys is in LA through the end of August! I'm totally going to have to get down to see it!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July! I had a pretty boring one, myself - most of the company is working a 10/12 today, so no parties. (Much better than last year's, though, which was shortly after I broke up with Steve and I spent most of the day crying after we had a fight at the beach.) I actually get some time off in the next week. AF Guy might come down this weekend, and there's a possibility of more shows with John coming up in September and October. Why is it that the really great guys I get to hang around with are all either exes or people I work with/for? Makes them totally undateable. Sigh.

I haven't been working out nearly as much as I should this week. The studio is closed this week for the Fourth, and I can tell I'm PMSy when I have absolutely no energy and a huge craving for junk food. I've also been working honest hours (9:00a-6:00p rehearsals) this week, which has totally thrown my sleep schedule off. I'm going to stay after rehearsal tomorrow and do formwork again, though. I really want to try to nail down the rhythm of this one - I think that helps me more than anything.


Christina said...

Your MS3 is looking beautiful! I've swatched but still haven't started the stole.

Mindy said...

The mystery stole 3 is gorgeous.

I hate it when I have messed something up that I know how to do.