Friday, July 27, 2007

Too Nice

I've decided that I'm far too nice for my own good. I'm taking over Kiss Me, Kate in Solvang now, starting Sunday. I actually gave up my last two full weeks of class before testing for a show that I not only don't know, but don't particularly like. (In fairness to the actors, I think their performances are great. I just don't care for the book and most of the songs, which seem to come pretty much from absolutely nowhere for no reason. Those sort of musicals irritate me.) I have been in production, with at least one show in rehearsal or performance, since March. And, I am babysitting Outreach, doing the first series of shows for the fall and going straight from there into the holiday show, with the possibility of also taking on the Solvang run of the final summer show. On the other hand, I did have a lighter summer schedule, mostly because of getting stuck with Lifeboat. Given other people's schedules, I can hardly complain too loudly. But man, I would much rather be spending my evenings in class, working up a sweat, breaking boards, sparring, and generally feeling pretty good than do the whole three-hour-big-musical-show-in-blasted-Solvang again. Isn't one time doing that this summer enough? No more sparring class now until the end of August! Pout!

Speaking of class, I've been taking classes for seven full months now, and I'v noticed three things lately.
1.)I'm starting to get more flexible in my lower back. I can stretch farther than I used to be able to.
2.)My kicks are higher when I'm not thinking about them and when I'm warm and loose in class, rather than when I do formwork and drills on my own. I've had a couple of head kicks this week!
3.)If you'll remember my first couple posts about going to class, I was going once a week and coming home so stiff and sore. Not now! Now I can do three classes a week without too much trouble, although sparring does take a slight toll on my shoulders.

Why can't theater work regular hours and have evenings free like normal people? Sigh!

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Little Cricket said...

That's my pet peeve as well. I feel like people in research have to constantly be thinking about their problems! Its never that you work from 9 to 5 and can come back home and stop thinking about them. I liked it at some time in my life, but these days it just frustrates me. I can totally empathize with how you feel when it takes time away from classes.

Sorry, no constructive advice though. :)