Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A comforting reminder in a surprising place...

"My art...if you can call it that, is just such an attempt. People will take the words you've read - my people - and they will speak them in front of an audience, and they'll speak them as if they were their own words. They'll lend the words emotion, strength, that you can't see....They will be like your paintings, or like your sculptures - they will be true, in some fashion. They will evoke something that the reality itself can't evoke as cleanly or as easily. We don't consider them lies, just a different way of getting at a truth that might be too big - or too small - to be seen. People are busy. They know their own problems and their own fears and they have no easy way of letting everyone else know what they are. And if I'm being truthful - which you seem to prize - most of us simply don't care what other people's fears are. Ours take up too much of our time. But when someone watches one of my plays, they leave those problems behind. They signal, by being in the audience, that they're willing to be lifted out of their own lives, and concerns. It's only for a few hours, but for those few hours, they're watching and they're listening to things that they would never otherwise think about."

-spoken by Richard Rennick, a playwright character in Michelle Sagara's "Cast in Fury"

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