Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hoofing it

So, after two days and more money than I really have, my car once again has all four windows. It's now sitting, probably cold and damp and lonely, in the parking lot at the dealership, where the damage to the door lock must now be inspected and assessed and hopefully repaired tomorrow. It's not a complete nuisance - I did have a perfect excuse to spend 40m in the car with Cute Guy on the way back from Solvang - but it is enough of one to count. The good news is that it should all be over soon. The police think they may have caught the...irritating people...after they broke into another garage last night and stole a bike. I really hope that not only the fingerprints the police took from my car are useable at all, but that they match up to one or more of these people, and a little karmic justice wouldn't be sneezed at, either. A scratch from all that broken glass gets infected or something small but irritating like that. Not that I'm petty or anything.

In other news, I finished the second part of CP #1 today and am moving on to the third and final part. Tech in Solvang is going well, although it's FREEZING down there and I'm really glad they moved me up to the booth and out of the wind a night early. (And I can knit up there!) I got my free upgrade cell phone today, and am really excited about it. (It's basically my Sony Walkman and Sony Ericsson phone's lovechild - and it's blue!) The keypad is a little small, but I can live with it. Now I just have to get a headset for it!

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Kathleen C. said...

Well, if you're not hoping for karmic justice then you're a better person than me... I'd probably hope that the sliver of glass fell into a pocket, scratched a private part and THEN got infected!