Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sometimes I'm not so dumb!

So, I'm pretty pleased with myself. For one thing, I made a mistake while working on CP #1 during the show tonight. A simple, not paying attention to the pattern because I *was* working, mistake, and I didn't catch it until a few rows later. After a few moments of mentally kicking myself, I realized I could fix it without having to frog or tink back. I just waited until we were back on the bus (where I had better light), and, being a smart knitter who carries her notions bag, which includes several sizes of crochet hooks, with her at all times these days, was able to carefully drop and rework each of the sixteen stitches I'd messed up two rows back. No frogging or tinking and having to redo work! Hooray!

For another thing, the insurance company is being unusually cooperative and karma may be on my side for once. Not only are they reimbursing me for the window, but they also gave me a generous overestimate for the repairs to the lock on the door. On top of that, I got an email from our equivalent of a CFO today - AHC once again screwed up my paycheck this month and will reimburse me next month. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop - the company screwed up, or the deductable wasn't paid correctly or something. We'll see, I guess, but for now, it's really nice to think I might actually still be able to eat and drive this month.

Can't wait for class on Monday!

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