Saturday, May 20, 2006


Colleen, I promise, I was working on Rogue! I'm down in LA, hanging with Steve, have a whole week to knit, and got to where the kangaroo pocket starts...and realized I had forgotten to bring my straight US8 and the spare ball of yarn for the pocket. I'm wondering if I can just keep going with the body and add the pocket later, or I could run over to a nearby Michaels and get another set of 8s and yarn, neither of which I really need.

For now, I'm just working on the second Column sock. The Pi shawl has been completely neglected, which is a shame. If I want to have it near done by June, like I told Grandma, I should take some time to work on it.

There's been some debate lately over whether I should make a pair of socks for Steve. I explained the curse to him a long time ago, but any time I come down here and am working on socks in front of other people, he has to bring it up and tease me about it. I finally got him to confess that he would like a pair, the curse is rubbish (we've been together two and a half years now and I have knit him one thing already) but he is afraid that he would wear them out or tear them up if he wore them! So I might find some guy-colored non-wool sock yarn (pretty sure I have some stashed) and make some for him for Christmas or something.

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Coleen said...

I forgive you your lapse on the Rogue! As long as you know that I am patiently waiting to see it, it's all good!

Hope you're having a great weekend!