Sunday, May 28, 2006


I know, pics are far more interesting than just text. Finally I've had time to take and upload recent pics:

First up, Column Socks!
This is the best pic I can find of the foot pattern. Ribbing doesn't photograph particularly well, it seems.

Finished pics:

These are easily the best socks I've made so far. They are so comfortable and fit perfectly. The only problem is the 100% wool thing - they were too warm to wear down in SoCal! Today up in the Central Coast they are doing a fine job, though!

The start of the Snowdrop Shawl.

The yarn is actually more purple than it shows in the pic. I'm actually liking this now that I'm getting back in the habit of lace and fine yarns. I think it will be lovely if I ever get it finished.

And, of course, I have to make some introductions. Colleen, Rogue, Rogue, Colleen.

Colleen wants to make Rogue someday. She should start soon - if she can do those awesome socks and Flower Basket Shawls, cabling will be a piece of cake! It really does look a lot more complex than it is. It's just like lace - you have to take it slow and pay attention. With this, you also get the benefit (for now) of lots of stockinette to help ease it up, too. Not that I would ever encourage someone to knit a project. Not me. Never. (The brown piece is where the kangaroo pocket will start, btw. There is a matching piece on the other side.)


Coleen said...

Very nice to meet you Rogue! You are looking lovely! Someday I shall have to knit you a friend... Perhaps I'll even name this friend after you... Rogue II or something!

love the column socks too. I know what you mean about it being too warm to wear wool. it was 85 and humid here today. Needless to say, the socks stayed home and I wore sandals.!

Amie said...

I think everyone should force new patterns on Coleen. She doesn't have enough to do. :D

Kadiddly said...

Hell, she pushes enough patterns herself, even if unintentionally, she deserves to get patterns pushed on her! =)