Thursday, May 25, 2006


Column Socks are finished! Okay, they've been finished since Tuesday, but we have a very spotty connection here and I haven't been able to get on long enough to post. I'd post a pic, but still no way to get pics off the camera onto the comp. I love them - they are so soft and comfortable and warm! Unfortunately, I have no need for warm socks atm, since I am in SoCal and it has been around 80 degrees all week.

I'm frogging the KYOA Pi. It's just not working for me anymore. I have no desire to continue working on it, and I don't like what I have done on it so far. I'm rewinding the yarn and planning another shawl/stole for it. The front runners right now are Candle Flame Shawl, Kiri, Snowdrop Shawl and Cat's Paw Lace Shawl. I also like the Flower Basket, but have no access to the pattern right now. I'm probably going to start one of those today, as I am now officially out of any other knitting projects. No more yarn here for Rogue, and the socks are done. Much more knitting occurred than I expected.

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