Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Time Management

Okay, so what do you do when you have three projects you are equally enthused about, plus you have a show going, plus you have your parents coming out to visit for the first time ever this weekend (meaning, I really should clean up the apartment and clean out my car at some point - this is the first time they have visited me since I moved to California three years ago now)?? Oh, and you're trying to get back into a workout groove? And you want to play games online? And you're inherently procrastinitic (yes, I just made that word up)?

So much I want to do vs. what I need to get done!

Oh, instead of doing the fluted banister socks, which I still really like, but don't feel like doing cuff-down and the pattern isn't quite working for me with the colours, I'm thinking of doing some other rib variation. Possibly something more similar to the pattern of the Rainy Day scarf or Amy Boogie's 52 Toe Ups. Just playing. It's a bit...liberating to think "I don't HAVE to find someone else's pattern!" On the other hand, I'm not particularly creative. Oh, and the whole lace sock thing - can someone help me out? Would having YO holes (I'm sorry "eyelets") make your socks less warm? I love the Mata Hari socks over on Grumperina's blog, but the whole eyelet thing makes me cringe a bit.

Yes, I'm being rude by not linking to any of the people, patterns or sites I am mentioning right now. I had a brat mat this morning and I'm tired. I think the socks and I will go stretch out in bed now while I try to work out an interesting ribbing pattern.

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Jo said...

Life is too short! Do what you want to do. Your parents are coming to see you not your car or your spotless apartment. My guess is they will be much more impressed by your accomplishments (your show and your knitting) than if you clean your car and make your apartment look like something out of a magazine. As long as no one is going to get sick from being there so what if there is some dust. Enjoy your time with them and don't sweat the mess. ;)