Friday, May 12, 2006


So laundry is done. Kitchen and bathroom are cleaned. A few more rows of Rogue are done. Several more rows of the sock is done. The KYOA Pi is languishing. I just can't bring myself to work on it right now, even though I have enjoyed the project so far. My brain is going "Ack! Lace! I'll have to think about THAT!" and refuses. I keep trying to tell it that the Clues I've picked so far have been very simple lace patterns (in fact, this one is almost all stockinette), but it still refuses to listen to me. Somehow the cables for the Rogue are easier to process. Hell if I know why. I tried to take pics of the sock, but I can't get the colours right or the ribbing to show up enough to be of any interest whatsoever. There isn't really enough of the Rogue right now to take a pic of. I'm on row 11. I'll get to start the kangaroo pocket soon!

Got to jump in the shower. I got my hair chopped off again this afternoon. Still not sure if I like it or not. The whole "bangs" thing is new to me again.

Mom and Dad's flight was late, so I'm going to pick them up from the airport after the show tonight. Should be fun. My "birthday present" from my cast (kidding! the cast is really great) yesterday was to have one of my ensemble guys go out with a bum foot and one of the swings who was already in for another ensemble guy with a bum wrist went out with a bum arm. And they choose to tell me about all of this twenty minutes before we open the house. Sigh. At least photo call went smoothly.

Oh, and I got the most absolutely cutest birthday card from my boss. Kittens and yarn, can't miss! She also gave me a really great huge Minnie Mouse beach towel (she knows I'm getting back into swimming), my ASMs got me this huge balloon and another bag of Starbursts (can we see a pattern here? I LOVE Starbursts!) and my parents are going to "gift" me by stocking my kitchen with real food this week! And recipes, too! Yay!

k, really off to shower now!

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