Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Getting Wordy As Always

I haven't posted in a few days both because I've been so busy and because nothing interesting has happened, if that makes any sense. I keep trying to put the next two weeks into this week, for some reason. Had a full weekend of shows, then went down to LA Monday to work with John. I might go again next Monday, but I'll definitely head down next Thursday after the final Showcase dress rehearsal and stay until at least after the show Saturday night. I have to be back in time for graduation on Sunday afternoon. But see, that's all NEXT weekend, and I have to get through this one first. THIS weekend is closing weekend of the show. Thank goodness! It's been fun, and the cast is great, but we're just not getting the audiences in right now and not having the audience to play off of is making it very hard on the actors. I'm kind of ready for the summer to start, actually. I've always preferred the summer season - it's much busier, more things are going on, and more people are around.

Only about eight more miter squares in the baby blanket. I think I'll leave it how I originally laid it out. It covers my lap fairly nicely in the booth, so I think it should be fine for a stroller or car seat or somesuch. I still have to take time to sit down and figure out the triangles. I'm just really opposed to sewing a whole side of all of them to a blanket, for some reason. I've done a few more rows on Ene, but I just don't have the mental capacity to work on it much right now. The sheer number of stitches on the needle boggles my mind. 375! It feels like forever and a day to do one row! How do people get past that?? I know, in my head, that it will eventually decrease to a reasonable number. But that's not helping now.

I wasn't able to make it to class last night. John's place has always been a twilight zone where time warps and passes in unexplainable ways, and I ended up not even getting on the road back until almost 5:00p, which of course put me in the middle of traffic getting out of the city. Didn't get home until almost 8:30p. Would go back down in a heartbeat. I'm so over this place, and I want to travel again. The most awesome birthday present in the world would be a blank cheque and unlimited time to go anywhere and everywhere with anyone and everyone I wanted. I don't think anyone can arrange that by Friday, though =)

Did a mile in 12 minutes today, since I spent too much time in the office (again, working on John's stuff, I gotta watch that) and only had about half an hour to go to the gym. Definitely hitting class hard tomorrow and running Thursday and Friday. I might have to break down and get membership to a real gym with more flexible hours. I've been reading around on McDojos, btw, and I have to agree that ATA is a big one, but I like where I am and I'm not trying to learn for any real self defense (I'd probably forget every formal move and go with instinct anyway). I like the exercise and the people here. And frankly, there were a lot of horror stories out there about other studios and instructors out there. I've never seen anything like that here - really the only things I've been even remotely uncomfortable with have been the length of time between tests and the block forms. I just feel really bad for the white belts who have to learn the yellow belt form, and now that I'm getting ready to move into a new block, I'm worried about what belt's form I'm going to have to learn. What if it's the purple belt form or something? I mean, I'll still do my best at it, but blah.

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