Thursday, May 24, 2007

I do so knit!


Okay, so it seems like I haven't picked the needles up in forever. I did actually take the STR with me this weekend. And Tumbling Blocks (betcha haven't seen that mentioned for a while). I just didn't really ever get the time to work on them. But now I have, a little. I've done a full repeat on Tumbling Blocks. I LOVE the yarn (Jade Sapphire's Mongolian Cashmere in Lagoon - YUM!), not so fond of the needles. I'm using some Clover bamboo circs. I like the grip of the bamboo on the cashmere, but the blunt points just might drive me nuts. I already have about 24" of the scarf done, though, so I don't really want to change needles now.

As for the STR (mediumweight, Seal Rock colorway, which looks a billion times prettier balled up and knitted than in the skein), I started them off as Monkey Socks, which didn't fit. Then I tried regular toe up socks, but didn't care for it. Now I'm taking a page from Cara and trying them for some Jaywalkers. I have a good feeling about this. I'm doing the same size I did before, but on US 3s instead of 2s, so I think I will be okay with the sizing without having to do ten billion stitches. (Yes, I do knit very tightly!)

I have barely touched the baby blanket since trying to weave ends in with my shaking hands Monday night. I need to finish those ends and figure out the side triangles. I've had a couple people tell me not to bother with them, but I know exactly how I want this blanket to look, border and all, and darn it, it WILL look like that by the time I'm through. The kid may be in college by then, but I'll win eventually! She's due in October, so I have all summer to work it out.

Class was soo much better Wednesday. It's amazing the difference properly fueling your body makes! I still can't do those darn front pushing kicks correctly, though. Everyone else makes it look so easy, and I feel like...I don't I've never kicked before in my life. I did surprise myself by kicking one of the targets in the head with a crescent kick, though, which made me feel better. I was partnered with Ma'am again, and Sir kept looking at us and laughing for some reason. I can't go to class again for a whole week, though! Monday is Memorial Day, so the studio is closed, and I have rehearsals all week next week. I should be able to go both Monday and Wednesday before testing, though. I'm having trouble with one of my one-steps. It's a right double outer form block, then a front jump kick, a backfist, middle punch, chin punch, a right round kick to the middle, then another right double outer form block/evading to the left. I have trouble going from the round kick into the chambering for the block, and tend to lose my balance. Sir says that I am trying to move too quickly, so I will practice next week (in a rehearsal room on dinner breaks, most likely) trying to take a pause there.

And by the way, I kind of wish sometimes that I didn't have to deal with guys. Steve gets into town for the summer next week. I'm going up this weekend to visit AF Guy for a day or two, which has made another male friend jealous (totally unreasonably - not only is there absolutely nothing but friendship between me and AF Guy, but there isn't anything between me and other guy either for him to get upset about!) And, I learned this weekend, some crushes just don't go away with time, even though there is not even a snowball's chance in hell of anything ever coming from it. Blarg. Boys!

So, who's going to see Pirates 3 this weekend??


AR said...

Good luck on your kick-punch-kick thing! You make it sound like fun, but a lot of work.

Guys are just crazy!

Mindy said...

Mongolian Cashmere sounds divine.

Once again, you have shown me why I am glad I am married. (It can be good to be reminded)

I wish I could go see Pirates this weekend, but it is to much for my wee boyos so it will have to wait.