Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is the post that has no title

I keep logging in and starting a post, and then realizing that I don't have much to talk about right now. Company has hit the ground fast and furious, and with all the scheduling complications trying to get a whole show up in something like 48 hours (yes, that would be one work week) of rehearsal time will obviously bring up. Tuesday was a 15+ hour span of day, yesterday was 13+ hours, I'm hoping to keep today to around 13 hours. This is why they don't pay stage managers hourly rates - we go into overtime way too quickly! The director found out today that she will be having a little girl, so I think I will make the pink the main color of the border for the baby blanket. I started the Jaywalkers with the STR, decided I didn't like them, and went back to plain stockinette toe-up socks on US 2s. I'm going too tightly on them, though - the foot can practically stand on its own. I don't remember having this trouble with the STR mediumweight when I did the Cloverleaf Socks. Weird.

I don't get to test with the rest of my class now. They changed our orchestra rehearsal to noon instead of 1:30p on the 9th, so I won't have time. Of course, I couldn't make it to class at all this week, so I will have to stop by the studio tomorrow to get a new testing time. I was kind of looking forward to testing with the class, too! =P I also haven't had the time or energy to go running this week, so although I'm working like crazy, I kind of feel like a slob. I've been trying to be really good about how I eat this week - both for work energy and because I'm not up and moving like usual. I, however, was brave enough to wear a shorter skirt (you know, like skirt length, no mini skirts or floor/ankle length, it hits just above the knee, I think), and my legs don't look nearly as bad as I thought they used to. So either I was just way self-conscious (which I am, I think my legs, although they're long, are my least-toned area) or there might be something to this whole exercise thing...

Oh, and happy anniversay, Mom and Dad! 27 years!

Okay, back to music rehearsal. Ciao!

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AR said...

Wow! You'd better keep your energy up, those are some busy days! Good luck testing, whenever you get to do it, and Happy Anniversary to your parents. 27 years, that's great!