Monday, May 21, 2007


Did you know that if you barely eat and sleep for five days and then try to do a 45 minute tkd class, your body will go, "Oh HELL no" and your hands will start shaking? I didn't either, although it doesn't surprise me. They were still shaking for about an hour after I got home and ate, too. I was trying to finish weaving in ends on the baby blanket, but no go. Class was so hard tonight! I don't think it was all JUST me, though, since by the time Sir started demonstrating our final drills (balancing in a pushup position with your feet on a medicine ball, then alternating leg lifts), even Cute Belt, who seems to be Mr. Athlete of the class, was going "Sure we will...", which got him a few extra seconds of balancing when Sir heard him.

A link to this article on the relationship between sleeping and eating came tonight, too. I thought it was really interesting.

Knitting content soon!

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Mindy said...

Wow your last week is way to busy. Take some time for you! Sleeping and eating are always good things.