Monday, May 21, 2007

What a week! (Long, and No Knitting)

It feels like I've been going non-stop since last Tuesday! Let's see, what did I do this past week?

A four hour tech rehearsal and a four hour dress rehearsal, prep work for Company (the script and score still haven't formatted and copied themselves! C'mon!), and emailing/calling back and forth with John making sure we have everything ready for the weekend.

See Tuesday

A four hour final dress rehearsal, a last minute "we need grades turned in tomorrow but you have to send them to Chrissy since you're not faculty and can't turn in grades" resulting in leaving Santa Maria an hour later than I'd wanted, a three hour drive to the theater in Montebello (which means it's 9:00p by the time I get there), a couple more hours helping John get the equipment set up and checked (they already had it loaded in, just not set up), and finally followed John to the house I'd be staying at for the weekend (in the interest of not wanting to gush too much, I'll just say the house is huge, gorgeous and I'm extremely grateful), and crashed hard.

Get up early, head over to the theater, finish cleaning and setting equipment, work things out with the camera guy (we do three close-up card tricks in the show that we project onto the screens so the entire audience can see), run through the show with the girls and the other show crew guy, run back to the house, get food and clean up (HOW do I get SO damn dirty with that equipment?! We clean it all the time!), come back and do the first show. The hazers and foggers set off a fire alarm, which was interesting, but other than that, the show went pretty smoothly. Get a little riled when John takes other show crew guy out with him to sign autographs, leaving me to reset the entire show by myself, but take it as a backhanded compliment, and frankly, I can do it faster on my own than having to stop and show/remind the other guy how things need to be set. Besides, it's cool to be the only one, other than John of course, who can do it anywhere close to correctly. (I'm pretty good, but there still always seems to be some little detail I've missed, so I always have John check it himself, as well.) Get done around 11:30p, go to Dennys with John and crew guy to get something decent to eat, go back to the house, talk the show over with his folks and one of his sisters and nephews, and crash even harder.

Wake up at 9:30a for no apparent reason. Spend the morning lazing around, talking to my mom on the phone, talking to John's parents in the kitchen, and finally make it to the theater (late, I must admit....very late. And not because of me, which made me more than a little cranky!) Check everything from last night, correct some lighting issues we had with the camera last night, try in vain to attempt to set the smoke alarm off again so we can figure out what we can do to prevent it, race back to the house for a quick shower and change, race back to the theater to do the show. Again, the smoke alarm goes off (we were prepared and had someone in place to turn it off immediately this time), but again, a very smooth show. (Okay, I think I personally could have done some things better, but the audience only saw magic, which is the most important thing.) Again, I get left to start packing up while crew guy and John do the autograph thing. We finally get the show loaded out - everything stored, packed in its proper place, and loaded onto the trucks - around 12:30a. Too late to drive back to Santa Maria, so another run to Dennys, a few minutes playing with the dogs, and another hard crash at the house.

Get up at 8:00a, take a long shower and get all dressed up. Hit the road around 9:30a, realize about the time I hit Santa Barbara that I had not gotten the cards for my graduating second years, get into Santa Maria around noon, race around town (still all dressed up) finding appropriate cards and small gifts, get to our theater, find out that I'm supposed to sit onstage with the faculty and hand out the department's intern certificates instead of sitting in the audience like the good little staff member I was planning on being (remember that whole "I'm not faculty thing?" Yeah, me too), cry a bit through the graduation ceremony (they were smart and put bottles of water and a pack of tissues under each chair onstage), run home, change clothes (Teddie is REALLY not happy with me at this point - Mom's been gone for DAYS and now she is leaving again!), and go to a "No More Students!" staff/faculty barbecue. Get home around 10:30p (a warm blanket by a nice outdoor fire with a cold beer is quite comfortable), check the ten billion emails waiting for me (mostly spam - I didn't check it for three days and the amount was unbelievable), take another long shower to get the smoke smell off me so I can sleep, and finally indulge the Teddiecat in a long petting session before falling asleep.

Now (Monday), I keep looking around my apartment going "this place is SO messy, I have to clean it up!" and have no energy for it. (I'm also PMSy, which saps my energy and doesn't help) I do have class tonight, and I'm planning on going, but it seems like a million years ago since last Monday. I feel like I've forgotten everything and I am going to be so sore tomorrow. Luckily, this week is just a prep week - no rehearsals or performances or meetings or anything. I can go in whenever I want to do whatever work I need to have done by first rehearsal (which isn't much), so I'm going to try to get some rest!

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