Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another FO!

Okay, so not exactly earth-shattering, but these finally got finished!

(playing with the timing feature on my camera. It didn't work out so well.)
(Forgive the sweatshirt. It's my "I'm hanging out at home/wear when I'm sick/need to just curl up in" sweatshirt. I stole it fair and square, and yes, it will be old enough to drive in June!) The second pic shows the colors better, but it's not a very good pic of the gloves. Anyway, they're Broad Street Mittens (sans the mitten flaps, I just don't like them) in STR Mediumweight, Seal Rock colorway. Anyway, I had these almost finished until my KP needle broke. I got a replacement this past Monday when I met up with Sam at knitting and got my part of the KnitPicks order. I finally got around to finishing them today. I have more than half of the skein leftover, so I might make a matching tam to wear in Solvang for the summer.

I've also been working more on this:

the start of the Boatneck Bluebell sweater. I took the pic around halftime of the first game today and worked on it for the rest of the games (until I got so excited by the end of the Giants/Packers game that I had to put knitting down for fear of accidentally stabbing myself). I'm almost halfway through the 27 rows of 2x2 rib now. It's going pretty well, if I do say so myself. I may go stark raving mad from the ribbing, though.

Other than that, my nose still hurts, but at least the Super Bowl will not be an eyesore. It's hard to complain about watching a game pitting Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady. (But Eli Manning is still cuter, Mom! Even if Tom Brady did cut his hair!)


Anonymous said...

Even the Chicago Tribune had an article about how good looking Tom Brady was. Something to the effect of "yeah, he's cute, but can he win the Super Bowl?"

I had to go apologize to your father, all these years I thought he was the sweatshirt thief. :P

Kadiddly said...

I stole one when I moved to Purdue. There should be another one around the house somewhere, unless it's disintegrated.