Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Productive Unproductivity


There were supposed to be lots of pretty pictures of new yarn, new shirts (I promised Kiz a pic of the shirt he got me for Christmas), properly stored and put away yarn, and maybe, possibly, a FO (all I have left on the Broad Street mittens is the thumb on the second one!). But a combination of KR, Ravelry, getting caught up on all of y'alls' blogs, paying bills (and realizing I'm broke ALREADY, stupid travelling), running errands, trying to clean the place up at least a little, and class tonight, that didn't happen. Pretend there are pretty pics up! Hopefully, there will be tomorrow!

That is, assuming I can walk or move tomorrow, since I did, um, three classes tonight after having almost two weeks off. I totally forgot that instructor class was tonight since it was the first night of classes for the week. Kickboxing, tkd, and instructor class. Oy! Now, this is actually what I am planning to normally do on Monday nights, but I really wasn't mentally prepared for it quite yet. Luckily, I just got drilled on Songham 1, 2, & 3 forms, and there was a black belt who also just recently started, so we could work together for a little bit. Tomorrow is tkd and FIGHT, Friday is kickboxing and sparring (with lots of pizza and some beer afterwards!). I do have some kind of cool bruises on the back of my hands from the backfist/knifehand/spinning backfist combinations we did in tkd tonight, though.

Now for some sleeping, since, as Mr. R was teasing me, Round Three just about did me in tonight!

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