Friday, January 18, 2008

Lessons Learned

Kickboxing went great. I got there pretty early and hung out with Mr. R for a while before class. My legs were too tired from last night to work on my jump kick, though. We only had about five ladies for class tonight, which is kind of a small group, but it was fun.

Sparring was good, too, except for Miss F doing a decent attempt at breaking my nose with a round kick. Luckily, she just caught my upper lip/lower nose instead of smashing the whole thing. Of course, it started bleeding, though, which got all the kids' attention. My immediate thought, sadly, was "I have an excuse to get out of class now," as the initial blow did a pretty good job of dropping me to my knees. My second thought was, "These kids are not going to see me quit because of a bloody nose. I have to get back out there." Most of them have seen me in kickboxing and just saw me teach kickboxing. They see me in sparring every week and some of them are scared of sparring. They're not going to learn from me that a bloody nose is something to be scared of. They are going to see that you can take a hit, clean yourself up, and go back to the fight. Even if I never teach another class of any kind, I am not going to teach anyone fear.

I am not too proud, however, to put ice on it and take some pain relievers when I get home ;) It's not broken, but it does hurt!

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Anonymous said...

That's my girl! I bet you have two beautiful black eyes today. LOL!