Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nothing Like Hitting the Ground Running...

This week in review:

Last blissful day of vacation. Finally succeed in completely cleaning the apartment and getting everything organized and put away. Two classes. Work on Rambling Rows, MS3, and the Dropped Lace Stitch Scarf kit that I finally broke down and cast on over the weekend. I'm simply in love with Mountain Colors Twizzle right now - it's sooo wonderful to work with!

PCPA starts back up. 8:15a meeting with Chrissy to decide how on earth we're going to handle the day. 9:00a company meeting and meet new interns. 10:00a-4:30p student auditions. 6:00p-11:00p callbacks. No class. No knitting.

11:00a-9:00p more callbacks. 9:00p-11:00p casting meeting. Find out I'm supposed to go to Long Beach with a recruiting tour on Saturday. No class (and it was supposed to be a triple day for me =( ). No knitting.

Get up early for a 10:00a meeting that gets cancelled just as I get ready to walk out the door. 12:00p help Chrissy teach her ASMs how to set up a rehearsal room in time for Othello's first rehearsal. Attend design presentations. General office work, meetings, and more teaching of non-Othello interns. Two classes, get teased by Mr. R for having such a light week, and curse Zach to hell and back during Haganah for making us do three sets of thirty medicine ball tricep dips. (Yes, that would be NINETY dips. And I don't even want to count how many pushups I did that night between tkd and FIGHT. Despite this torture, he and Mr. R did a great job covering for Sir, who was out of town for a FIGHT conference in Florida. And in all fairness, Zach did give me the choice between the 12-lb ball and the 10-lb ball and it was my stubbornness that had me going for the heavier one.), then back to PCPA to help Chrissy's ASMs finish taping out their second rehearsal room until 11:30p or so. Get asked to come to Outreach rehearsal in the morning again. No knitting.

Get up early again for a 9:00a Outreach rehearsal. Wake up to discover my eyes are puffy, nose is stopped up, sinuses just plain hurt, and the only allergy meds I have left in my medicine cabinet will knock me out within about thirty minutes of taking them. Allergies suck. This is going to be a perfect day. 9:00a-12:00p Outreach rehearsal (very interesting). 1:00p-5:30p more office work, meetings, prepping for the recruiting tour, and more teaching of interns. Two classes: kickboxing and sparring back to back. Curse Zach again for the Thursday night tricep dips during our kickboxing dips and curse Mrs. S for a really nasty squat/side kick drill at the end of sparring class. (I swear, my shoulders and legs have not burned like that in a LONG time!) Am dragging by the end but revive a bit over pizza and beer with Ma'am, Mrs. S and baby, Knitting TKD Grandma, her grandson, and Ma'am's son. (Ma'am's son, who did FIGHT with me, shipped out last night for the Coast Guard. Please keep her son and her daughter, who is in the Navy, in your thoughts and prayers, please! And send peaceful thoughts Ma'am's way, as well!) Small crowd, and yet we still managed to be one of the last groups in the place. Get home, pack for recruiting tour and crash around 10:00p. (Which tells you how worn out I was, between work, allergies, and class!) No knitting.

Wake up at 3:30a (3:30a is usually a "I REALLY should start thinking about going to bed" time for me!) to get ready for recruiting tour. Meet the other three tech faculty members (oh, btw, I'm now faculty for some reason) at CBC at 5:00a and leave for Long Beach. Get to Long Beach around 9:00a and start to have some inkling about how small the theater world really is. I've only been working professionally for five years now, yet I knew, at least by reputation if not by actually having worked with, a decent number of other recruiters/employers/representatives there, and...they knew me! I was asked to sit on a question-and-answer panel with people like the president of the regional USITT chapter, the dean of CalArts, a Disney representative, and a couple noteworthy designers. In other words, people who have been doing their stuff and teaching their stuff for years and have made their marks in the field. Immediately after the panel session, we went into interviews and portfolio reviews. It was a little intimidating, actually, but apparently I didn't embarrass PCPA too much. I felt a little bit like a fraud, though. I mean, these students are asking me questions and taking notes of my answers like I actually know what I'm talking about and my advice and opinions are actually valuable to them! I wanted to shout "I'm only twenty six! I never went to grad school! I'm still learning!" several times that day. What if one of them actually listened to me?? It was a bit surreal. We got done a lot earlier than we had expected, though, so instead of spending the night in Long Beach, we decided to head home and blew the hotel money on a fantastic dinner at the Brewery instead. (And yes, Mom, we will have to go there next time you guys come out!) Got home around 7:30p, crashed on the couch, and woke up around 10:30p - just in time to go to bed. No knitting, despite the fact that I did bring the start of the second Wendelin sock to work on during the drive. I just couldn't get to my bag while in the van!

Finally, finally get to sleep in, and of course, wake up at 8:00a instead. Lazing around in pjs and watching the Colts/Chargers game (ETA: watched, past tense, the Chargers just won) until I have to get dressed to run some office errands and go to snag one of the rehearsal rooms to do some form work. I have one more rectangle and one more large square to do on the afghan, and I'd love to get that done tonight. I'm reconsidering putting a border on it - once it's spread out, it looks pretty good without one. Still having to take allergy meds, so lacework may not be the best option right now. Possibly more sleeping, too, mostly because of the meds, so I'm not looking to be particularly productive today. Thank goodness!


AR said...

Wow, now I'm tired! You're busy. Sounds like you need a rest, so Sunday's plans seem about right. :)

Anonymous said...

mmm, I'm looking forward to the Brewery. Take care, babe, don't get too run down.

Kim said...

Wow! After all that, I'm glad you made it to knitting group today!