Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feelin Like An Idiot

I leave on this audition tour tomorrow late morning. A normal, sane, sensible person would be all packed and have her apartment clean so that the person checking on her kitty will not be horrified to walk into the room. I'm definitely not normal, my sanity has been questioned several times, but I'm usually fairly sensible. Two out of three ain't bad. I was planning on doing that tonight, once I got home from class. Tonight was an unexpected triple class, though, plus staying a little longer talking with Sir and Mr. R, and I'm freakin' tired. So now I'm pondering if I want to do it all tonight like I should or crash now and get up early. Or maybe I'll clean tonight and pack in the morning. Something like that.

On the plus side, I'm on the last third of the first Boatneck Bluebell sleeve. I'm not going to take it, though. I'm going to take the second Wendelin sock, Tumbling Blocks, and the Drop Stitch scarf. I'll try to get progress pics up soon. I'm going to need something to do while I'm gone - the hotel has wifi, and a gym, pool, and spa, but even I can only work out so much...

The Road to Black Belt behind the cut.

So I talked to Mrs. S, Mr. R, and Sir tonight about what I'll be doing the next several testing cycles. The only recommended belt the adults do is first dan recommended, so I have three belts left. I'll do Choong Jung 2 (which I started learning tonight) for my red belt, In Wha 2 (the blue belt form that I skipped) for my first dan recommended, then do Choong Jung 2 again and a random color belt form for first dan decided. Apparently, the random form is usually either Songham 1, 2, or 3, but Mr. R warned me that since I'm in instructor class and by that point in time we'll have gone through all the color belt forms in class, it could be anything from Songham 1 clear through Choong Jung 1 (the brown belt form I just tested on). And I may or may not get warned in advance which one it will be. Of course, all sparring, breaking, and conditioning tests also apply. My next break will be a reverse side kick, which is awesome, not sure what the recommended belt break will be, and then Sir wants me to do a round kick and reverse side kick combo for my black belt breaks. Honestly, it doesn't sound like its going to be too bad. Just a LOT of poomsae work and memorization and cleaning and re-memorization and re-cleaning! For this weekend while I'm gone, I'm supposed to work on hook kicks (regular, reverse, and spin), memorizing what I learned tonight of Choong Jung 2, and working on some of the color belt forms and one-steps.
The most encouraging and most nerve-wracking comment I got tonight was from Mr. R. "Just remember, your black belt is [Sir]'s before it's yours, and he has it already. Oh yeah, it's here, embroidered with your name and everything already. He's just waiting for you to earn it."


Amanda said...

Fighting! as we say in Korea.

AR said...

Have a good trip! Earn it, girl. Good luck.