Saturday, January 26, 2008

Three Classes = Three Beers, right?

Testing and tkd stuff behind the cut. No pics, though, sadly. Camera battery died on me.

The FIGHT guys and I have taken to hanging out for a while after class, and on Thursday, Sir was teasing me about my schedule for the next day. I told him I was thinking about ducking out of kickboxing to make sure I would be good for sparring, but it would depend on how hard he worked me during testing. He replied with "Hmm, good point. Skip kickboxing!" which was not exactly the most comforting thing I've ever heard.

Yesterday was indeed testing, then kickboxing, then sparring, all back-to-back. (Mrs. S threatened to have me test after sparring, which would have been insane!) It was HARD. I tested with one other kid, and Sir worked us. Form demonstration, full contact sparring against each other, board break (got it on my second try, sigh), self-defense, no contact sparring against Sir, then four conditioning drills. I offered to be a cheerleader for kickboxing class after that, but Mrs. S would have none of it. (She's asked me to teach again next month when she goes to Vegas to test during Spring Nationals.) Sparring was insane; the kids were all hopped up about testing the next day and not really paying a lot of attention, and I was actually starting to get tired by that point for some strange reason. My ankle was pretty weak by the end of the day. Sir did brag about me a little, though - one of the new kickboxing ladies was teasing me about doing sparring on the same day, and he told her all the other classes I do when I can. I thought she was gonna fall over.

Afterwards, I helped Sir, Mrs. S, Ma'am, Mr. M, and Mr. R set up the dojahng for Saturday's testing (Baby S tried to help, too), and then we crashed at Klondike's for a while. While *I* think a salad, peanuts, three slices of pizza and a couple glasses of beer is more than enough, Sir and Mr. M threatened to attach a calorie meter on me to see how many calories I burn on a regular day with classes, and kept putting extra slices of pizza on my plate and refilling my beer glass (hence the post title). Mrs. S took Baby S home early, but the rest of us closed out the place.

The rest of the classes tested this morning. Although we had auditions today, I promised some of the kids I've gotten to know that I would try to come over on my lunch break to watch them. I didn't get to see any of the testing, but I did get to see them get their new belts, rescue Sasha (a lady from kickboxing class) from babysitting duty so she could go give her kids who were testing a hug (she had been watching Baby S during most of the testing, and he decided that the organic shake Aunt Katie was drinking for lunch was YUMMY!), and help clean up. I also got a lot of teasing because apparently I "look like a girl!" with non-sweaty makeup and non-workout clothes on. Smart alecks.

I do, however, have pics of a finished body on the Boatneck Bluebell!
I've got the next two days off work, plus Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and it would really be awesome to wear it during the SoCal audition tour I've gotten dragged into next week (Thursday through Tuesday). I love auditions, I really do, but the audition tour is NOT part of my job, I'm not getting paid any extra for it, and it's forcing me to miss four days of class AND a Super Bowl party. But they've decided that having an SM go out with them helps things stay organized (shocking), and it's Chrissy's tech weekend, so I'm the only experienced one left. I even offered to tech Othello for Chrissy, because she actually wants to go on the tour and hates tech, but they won't let us. But anyway, having a new sweater might help make it easier. So far, the only change I'd make is to do more rows between the bust and the waist ribbing to make the bodice just a little longer.

I'm going to have to talk to Sir about what to work on while I'm gone, though. In fact, I need to talk to him about what the rest of the road to black belt in general is going to look like. All I really know is that there are probably four more belts (red recommended - this one may or may not be required, red decided, first dan/degree recommended - a 1/2 red, 1/2 black belt, and first dan/degree decided - the actual black belt), but I've heard various conflicting things about time spans and requirements so I want to get that figured out so I have a clear mental path. I am thinking maybe this time next year I will get it!


AR said...

Whoo! That's gonna be a cute sweater!

Kim said...

Wow, you're really keeping busy! I love that sweater on you!