Sunday, October 02, 2005


Been a while since I've posted, sorry. I haven't done a whole lot since getting back to Santa Maria Wednesday. I've worked on KS quite a bit, and some RD, and even finished a WN2 square. The Winter's Night square isn't really much of an accomplishment, as they normally take about an hour to make, but since I've only been working on it during the show, and have to put it down frequently, it's not too bad. Both KS and RD seem to have exploded overnight. I keep thinking "I have HOW much left?!" But then I look at it or measure it, and considering what I'm doing, I'm on a pretty decent pace so far. 46/66 inches on the RD, and row 130(ish) out of what originally is to be 380 rows on KS. I will probably have to add some length to that, though, so it may not be done in time for Christmas. We'll see. RD definitely will. So will WN2 and at least one of the Christmas stockings.

Oh, the stockings have been a drama lately. 16" circs were too long, and I didn't want to order new needles, so I switched to dpns. Couldn't keep tension for ANYTHING. It looked hideous. So I ripped it back to about where it was in the earlier pic, learned magic loop, got some 29" circs, and have been plugging away on it since. Tension is better. Still not great when I was starting the magic loop on it, but I think it will be alright once the thing is done and washed and blocked. Steve wants me to add another icon chart to it, though, which will make them about five inches longer. We can't really decide what to add, though.

PCPA has offered me their staff stage management position. It's a permanent position, and I would have to move to Santa Maria permanently to take it. Well, I mean, I'm not signing my soul to them or anything, but it is definitely not a "this gig will end because your show is over" thing - it's a steady job with salary, benefits, everything. A job I've wanted for about two years now, and I would start in March. Steve wants me to take it. I've all but given my formal acceptance. It will be hard to live away from Steve, even for a couple months until he graduates and can move here as well, but we think we can do it. I can't wait to see him when I go home tonight! I think absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

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