Friday, October 07, 2005

some progress

RD is almost done. I'm going to cut it back to 60" from 66", I think. It's already at 51" and wraps around my neck just fine, and 'Manda's about half my size, so another ten inches or so should be just fine for her. You'd think by now I wouldn't need the pattern anymore, and it's just moving the ribbing back and forth, but for the life of me, I can never remember it and have to bring it with me everywhere. Sigh.

KS is progressing slowly but surely. I've been pretty good about my "four rows a day" rule, and actually it seems like it's going faster now. I think a lot of that is psychological now that I know the pattern better and don't have to have it in front of me.

The Christmas stocking is still giving me fits - I've done dpns, magic loop, and now am working on two circs, knitting fairly loosely for me, and still have puckers. Sigh. I'm about half done with the first Snowman chart. Steve wants me to add two extra "icons" to his...a row of holly and another snowman chart, which makes for a total of eight sections counting the heel and toe. I have 1 and 1/2 sections done right now. I'm hoping that if I keep working on it, I'll get to where I find a rhythm/knack/whatever and it will smooth out. Or that washing it when it is finished will help. It is acrylic, though, so it might not. I'm seriously considering getting a 12" circ. It was so much smoother on one needle. Maybe it is just this section of the pattern? I didn't have ANY trouble with the top border, and it looks so nice.

Easy Mittens have been scrapped, Felted Mittens will start when the yarn arrives and RD is done. As of last night, it still hadn't come, but I haven't talked to Steve yet today. Still trying to decide if I want to do a multidir-diag with the yarn or not. If I do, I'll probably mix it with some white/cream color to match the CC for the mittens.

Been watching wayy too much Travel/History/Discovery Channels during the day recently and scaring myself silly with all of their haunted places shows. Why do I do this to myself?? I know I won't be able to sleep at night, and yet, I am drawn to them anyway. I have always loved "true" ghost story collections - books, internet, television. Not horror movies, though. Can't stand those. I'm weird. Anyone have any true ghost stories? It is October after all!

Closing My Way and going home on Sunday. Yay! I have an interview with AMDA-LA on Monday, which hopefully will get me through until March, when I will move (yes, I'm taking the job) back up here permanently. Steve is planning on moving up with me when he finishes school in June, so it all works out! Hopefully, one of the jobs he wants up here will have opened up by then as well.

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