Monday, October 17, 2005


Alright, now I'm starting to get a bit ticked. My KnitPicks order has still not arrived! It has been three weeks now! The last time I have heard from them was last Monday. I have been trying to get in touch with them to get a tracking number or something that the post office can use to find out where in the country the package is, but no response. I'm so disappointed, I'd heard such good things about this company and their products, and the prices are certainly right, but I WANT MY YARN! I want to start something new! I emailed them today expressing my current displeasure, so hopefully something will come of this. My 12" circ and my Bearfoot haven't gotten here yet, either, but I'm not really expecting them for a couple days yet. I was so excited earlier - I'd found a LYS who supposedly carries Bearfoot and was hoping to splurge on a skein in a different color today and either play with socks or start a Tiger Eye lace scarf. After driving by the place about ten times and not seeing it, I finally get to it, and it's closed. Of course. Sigh. It was the perfect rainy day to start a nice, fun, colorful project, but alas, the fates did not agree with me apparently. No new needles (I was also hoping to pick up a super long circ to use for Magic Loop socks), no new yarn, no new projects. Toying with the idea of using some stash to make a test Pasha, since I'm wanting to make a penguin for Steve. I really should just put in a movie or two and work on KS or the stocking, though. I haven't worked on KS in days and it's probably feeling neglected. On the stocking, I've gotten through the first Snowman chart (Steve wants snowmen, then a full row of holly, then another snowmen, sigh!) and it does look much better. I've been working with it inside out, so the WS is facing out and the floats have to be longer. Got almost through the holly this weekend up at his parents, but the stitches were AWFUL! I've never knit so badly in my life, not sure what was going on. So that got frogged, and now I'm working up the desire to ever look at it again. It's really a pretty fast knit when I do work on it, it's just so frustrating for a perfectionist like me. I think I'm also sick of working with red, white, blue, and green, which is why I'm so excited to have this Bearfoot coming - colors! Lots of colors!!

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